Suggest a cream for my acne problem?

I have an acne problem. I’m 21, so please suggest to me which cold cream I could use so my skin improves, looks good, and without leaving any oil on my face.


Thanks for the question. If you are 21 and have acne, most likely you have oily skin–which means you don’t want to make the mistake of adding any more oil into your skin to clog up your pores and create more acne! This is exactly what will happen if you use a moisturizer (which adds oil into your skin) or as you called it a cold cream. What you want to do is hydrate your skin. Look for ingredients in the “moisturizer” which have a hummectant, like: hyularanic acid or sodium hyularante. A humectant will help hydrate your skin without breakouts! You can also come in for a series of chemical peels ormicrodermabrasions to maintain you skin’s health. Finally, Fraxel Restore Laser is wonderful for treating acne scars. Hope this helps and here’s to beautiful skin!

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