Microdermabrasion – is it worth the cost?

I have fine wrinkles and sunspots, but heard that microdermabrasion isn’t worth the cost. I’m 55 years old and would love to have spotless, fresh looking, youthful skin. I’ve never smoked, but sunbathed a lot. Will a microdermabrasion work?

We have more aggressive treatments that might be more suitable for your concerns than microdermabrasion, ranging from topical home care prescription strength products, to chemical peels to laser treatments. It’s hard to judge without a skin evaluation, but although microdermabrasion can diminish hyperpigmention (sun spots) with a corrective series of treatments, it is usually not the first treatment that we would recommend to our patients when their primary concerns are what you described. Please feel free to come on in for an evaluation so we can go over the options best for your particular needs.

The Greenwich Medical Spa Staff