THE OXYGEN FACIAL. You asked for it, we got it! Many of you have inquired or suggested us adding an Oxygen Facial treatment either because you’d had one and saw the results or read about how Madonna has one in each of her houses so she never misses a treatment! Now we can finally offer it to you! And the timing is no accident! Summer is the perfect time to have an Oxygen facial due to its many benefits geared toward nurturing and nourishing stressed, dry, dehydrated—(remember, dehydrated skin can still be oily skin!) skin. And this treatment DOES NOT have any contraindications with the sun. On the contrary, it can actually heal sunburned skin faster, which is why this treatment can be performed directly after many of our laser treatments to help you be less red and have less downtime. And this is definitely our summer “Go To” treatment when your skin just has to look fabulous for a big event due to its visible, immediate and plumping results!

Call 203-637-0662 to book your appointment. $150 per treatment.