We’ve all heard this several times before, but it pays to go over the points below:

1. The right SPF – Nothing less then an SPF 30 (anything higher than SPF 50 is only protecting you a teensy, weensy bit more, so why clog your pores?)

2. Always use a Broad Spectrum sunscreen to help protect from both UVA and UVB rays. Remember A is for Aging and B is for Burning.

3. How Often: Reapply every 2 Hours when in direct sunlight.

4. How Much: Use the equivalent of a “shot” glass in product to make sure you’re using enough! Studies show most of us aren’t!

5. Check the Expiration Date! Anything older than a year—through it out!

6. “Physcial” vs. “Chemical” Sunscrees: It’s boils down to a matter of choice, however, the physical sunscreen is better for breakout and sensitive skin and for those of us “going green”. Tip: Skinceuticals has a phenomenal new physical sunscreen – Physical Fusion SPF 50 – it has a slight tint to it to enhance your natural skin tone and it’s paraben free!. And NeoCutis has an SPF 30 called Journee Bio-restorative Day Cream, which has PSP in it. Both feel like silk on the skin. (not greasy feeling at all) and are very light reflective.

Ellen’s Tip: I’m sure many of my clients have heard me say this, but the best protection I ever got was when I was in the Caribbean a few years ago, I used an SPF 30 (sorry, forgot which one), and put my Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup over it. After the trip, my friend’s felt sorry for me since they assumed it must have been cloudy and rainy the entire trip!