Seven May Superfoods

Looking good is a seasonal endeavor! Here’s a list of Seven May Superfoods…

The Huffington Post | By Catherine Pearson

Now that the weather is a wee bit warmer, many of us are thinking about getting outdoors to enjoy the spring air and sunshine.

May offers a welcome chance to get out there and be active, whether it’s by taking a walk with friends (good for the body and the soul!), enjoying a bike ride or — depending on the temperatures where you live — taking a refreshing dip in the nearest body of water.

All of those activities require fuel, which can come from eating healthy foods — particularly the fruits and vegetables that are at their peak this time of year.

So what are our picks for May superfoods? Take a look at our list. Then, as always, let us know if there are any in-season favorites you can’t believe we overlooked.

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