Weird Father’s Day Gift Guide: 30 Strange Gifts For Your Unusual Dad (PHOTOS)

Tired of going “Tie” shopping every Father’s Day?
Check on these funny and unusual gifts that can make dad’s day definitely unique.

huffington post logoThere are four main gift-giving holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and, of those, Dad’s Day may be the most fun.

The other days have a gravitas to them where people are expected to honor the reason for the season, express romantic notions they may not be feeling or try and say thanks to a woman who, most likely, made great sacrifices for you that you’ll never be able to pay back in full.

But Father’s Day is more fun. Maybe it’s because it’s summer — a time when people when people are naturally giddy. Or maybe it’s because the behavior of TV dads like Homer Simpson, Don Draper or Walter White has lowered the bar of acceptable dad behavior.

Fact is, people buy gifts for their dad that they wouldn’t buy anyone else, whether it’s a beer opener t-shirt or a golf putter game that looks like the male posterior. Original article Huffingtonpost>