Latisse For Your Brows?

We all love Latisse and what it can do for our lashed but have you tried it on your brows? I have been using Latisse for the past three years and I consistently get asked by friends and clients if those are my real lashes, as they look super long and thick, especially when I use my Maybelline Super False Lash Mascara, they can look flash extensions.Now that I have my lashes at a length that I love, I only have to use Latisse 2-3x a week (maintenance) versus when I first started using them (development).

I also started to apply Latisse on my brows as I felt they were thinning and needed a little thickening.My husband also loves Latisse; every night I watch him dab his little black applicator into the green cap and then gently place it on his receding hairline. He swears by it. I wonder, is he on to something?

If you have been thinking about Latisse and wanted to try it, this is a great time to buy it as we are offering two boxes of Latisse for the price of one, $175. Call us today at 203-637-0662 to learn more about the offer and if you are a good candidate for Latisse.