“Why I Chose to get Botox”

Whether you’ve been pondering getting Botox for some time or are newly introduced to this procedure, read about one women’s personal reasoning (and the story behind it!) for getting Botox.

IT ALL started innocently enough.

I had an ongoing eye twitch related to a medical condition. We tried everything to fix it. Surely there’s a pill I can take for this?” I demanded with frustration to the eye specialist. “Well, we can try Botox in your eyelid,” she replied without hesitation, before proceeding to tell me it was perfectly safe and this was, after all, Botox’s original intended use: “to paralyse muscles that spasm”.

I started grinning widely and irrationally, which was a strange response for someone who had thus far eschewed Botox, fillers and everything, really (the most I’d ever had was the occasional old-school facial).

But here was a serious doctor; a thoroughly practical, sensible, trustworthy woman telling me that Botox was safe. So I tried it. And it was no big deal. It didn’t even really hurt. It opened the floodgates.

I began discussing Botox with everyone around me — friends, colleagues and family. It seemed many of them were also considering it, or had used it. “Oh, my GP just does it for me every three months,” said a mum friend from school, casually. “I don’t tell my husband, though.” Another friend in her mid-forties with two children admitted, “I’m not sure why I’m holding out. I’m thinking about it. I just don’t want to look fake.”

A teacher I knew in her late forties saved religiously so she could have Botox every four months. “I’d rather do it than spend the money on a new dress,” she reasoned. Some, on the other hand, were dead against. “I resent that I have to conform to someone else’s idea of ageing,” railed a colleague. “I’m the only one of my friends who doesn’t have Botox. My friend even pushed a doctor’s card across the table at me, but I just think, ‘No!’”