Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

Is it true? Can you really free fat away? Do you no longer have to spend hours in the gym “feeling the burn” to get the fat loss results you want? Hold your breath, it’s true. With CoolSculpting typically patients see a 25% reduction in fat loss in their first treatment with little or no down time. This article, posted on WRIC.com, gives the account of one women’s treatment with CoolSculpting. Read what she thought of this fat reducing procedure.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – There is a new two-hour cosmetic procedure promising to get rid of your saddlebags. CoolSculpting says it takes a couple of months to fully take effect, but does it really work?

Rebecca Donceel got the procedure in June. “After about ten minutes, I feel nothing. Just sitting here,” she said at the time, just moments after her CoolSculpting treatment began. The 53-year-old mom of two got the non-invasive procedure to fight the fat on her upper, outer thighs, a trouble spot many people see.

8News shared her story over the summer and then waited along with her to see the results. Fast forward to September.

“It has been amazing. I’ve seen a huge difference,” she says, showing off her loss in a pair of pants she used to gauge the procedure.

CoolSculpting was FDA-approved about four years ago for belly fat, and just this summer practices for the okay to treat saddlebags with it too. Dr. Reps Sundin says the machine destroys fat cells by freezing them. Once the paddle is on, it does all the work with little to no discomfort to patients.

“There was no down time at all,” Donceel describes her experience with CoolSculpting on her saddlebags. “They didn’t swell. They were a little numb, maybe tingly and then kinda of itchy like something was healing but never swollen.”

“It’s not the same results as liposuction but for a procedure where you can sit for a couple of hours and get a reduction in that area, it’s been pretty impressive,” says Dr. Reps Sundin of Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery. He treated about twenty patients over the past few months, and so far CoolSculpting for saddlebags has been a big hit.

Dr. Sundin explains most patients opt for one of two rounds. Each time they see about a 15% reduction in the treatment area. He cautions against any more than that because excessive fat loss in the saddlebag area can lead to divots. “I’m glad it goes slowly one step at a time.”

As for Donceel, she can rest easier now, knowing that she got the results she was looking for with CoolSculpting. It takes about two hours per thigh. “You can have it, go in at 10, be out at noon, go have lunch, play tennis, go shopping,” Donceel lists how a procedure like this fits into her busy schedule.

She says it was worth it. “In just those weeks I’ve seen a difference which there’s no amount of exercise that ever would have done that.”