How to Get Spa Quality Smooth Skin

newbeauty logoOriginal Article by NewBeauty Editors. A bit more intense than do-it-yourself at-home exfoliators, spa-administered body scrubs result in allover skin smoothness, since there is a therapist involved in the application process. By increasing circulation and removing toxins, skin is able to look it’s best. [Source: NewBeauty.com]

Scrub treatments are more of an invigorating experience than a relaxing one, although many involve a massage of some sorts. The therapist will usually start on your back and have you flip over at some point. “Like with a massage, your therapist will use draping throughout to make sure you are covered and comfortable,” says SpaFinder president Susie Ellis. Prepare to get up after the scrub to shower off (unless there is a Vichy shower overhead to rinse you off), lotion application usually follows. Since the main goal of a scrub is to shed dead skin, according to Ellis, “your skin will feel baby-softwhen it’s over. Plus, they get your circulation going, so you’ll just feel better all around.”

If you want to harness the power of this spa treatment at home, take these features into consideration when looking for the righ at-home scrub:

The Granules:

Granule size and texture play a part in how scrubs work: Fine granules are suited for sensitive skin; large ones are best on drier skin. Body scrubs employ manual exfoliators (microbeads, sugar or salts) or chemical ones (AHAs, glycolic acids and fruit enzymes) to eliminate dead cells.

The Ingredients:

For superior, spa-grade scrubs, stick with those with natural ingredients; synthetics and preservatives can be too harsh. If you prefer a scrub that leaves a bit of hydration behind, look for moisturizers like almond, coconut and apricot oil.

Your Skin Type:

“The drier the skin, the more you can exfoliate,” says ESPA founder Susan Harmsworth. Dry skin should look for fatty-oil active ingredients; oily skin should avoid oil-based scrubs and stick to something “drier.” Sensitive skin should use a creamy exfoliator with spherical particles.


High-quality essential oils, which hydrate the skin, also provide an aromatherapeutic experience. Denise Vitiello, spa director at the Mandarin Oriental Spa New York says, “Choose whatever scent transports you to a relaxing state.”