A Different Kind of Vagina Monologue

wag logoOriginal Article by Marria Pooya Featured in WAG.com. Ladies, while passion has driven you in areas like family, career and volunteering, you may have given less attention to your personal needs.

And although you have maintained your appearance, perhaps even opting for age-defying injectables and fillers or laser treatments to renew your skin, your feminine well-being has been left to fend for itself. However, it’s time to celebrate your femininity this Valentine’s Day with a gift that you will both enjoy. Put the passion back in your love life with the skin-tightening effects of ThermiVa, created specifically for your lady parts.

Yes, we are talking about vaginal rejuvenation. Thanks to groundbreaking ThermiVa, a safe, nonsurgical treatment, you can tighten your vagina and external labia and improve sexual pleasure without any downtime or discomfort. ThermiVa works with radio frequency to heat vaginal tissues gently and increase collagen production, something that unfortunately decreases with age, hormonal changes and time. ThermiVa’s heat naturally promotes stronger collagen bands and tighter skin inside and out. Although treatments are typically performed in a series of three, you’ll experience improvement from the first visit.

“I was surprised and excited when I learned about ThermiVa. After having three children, it wasn’t just my tummy that could use a bit of tightening,” one client said. “I’ve had two treatments already and I can definitely tell a difference. I am feeling more confident now, which has literally put spice back in my marriage.”

ThermiVa offers a solution to any woman who has noticed the negative effects of childbirth and menopause, which can lead to issues with interior or exterior looseness as well as pain or discomfort during sex, accompanied by vaginal dryness, none of which is very romantic. With ThermiVa, vaginal tightness is improved and so are blood circulation and vaginal moisture, all leading to heightened pleasure during intimacy.

Treatments take just 30 minutes and consist of a thin diode wand being placed on the areas to be treated, which typically include the vaginal canal. The warmth of the radio frequency, which most patients say feels quite nice, passes through the wand into the tissue. Because ThermiVa requires no downtime, you can resume normal activity — including sex — the same day. A series of ThermiVa treatments will be spaced about a month apart, and most women notice changes after the first visit. Once the series is complete, you are welcome to continue treatments to achieve additional results. While ThermiVa stimulates collagen production, the body will continue to age, so maintenance treatments once or twice a year are also recommended.

“I’m a bit embarrassed to say it, but sex had actually become painful,” another client said. “Now after a series of ThermiVa treatments, intimacy is pleasurable again. I expected that it would tighten things up, but even more important, I’m experiencing more natural lubrication and arousal. What a relief.”

Whether you have given birth, experience dryness or have difficulty with orgasm, a renewed sense of sexual pleasure is now possible with the benefits of ThermiVa.

This Valentine’s Day, turn back the clock on your love life and add more spice to your intimate relationship. If you have noticed slackness in the vaginal area and would like to find an effective tightening treatment that does not require surgery, ThermiVa can provide your answer. In addition to improving vaginal dryness, discomfort during sex and an overall lack of vaginal tightness, ThermiVa even helps with stress incontinence caused by movements like jumping.

Instead of chocolates or cologne, surprise your partner on Feb. 14 with something you both can really celebrate. There is nothing more romantic than renewed passion.

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Marria Pooya is the managing partner at Greenwich Medical Spa, where a consultation offers a private and comfortable opportunity to find out if ThermiVa is a good fit for you.