The Activator for thinning hair

Article by Greenwich Medical Spa Staff.

Ladies, are you suffering from thinning hair, do you see tons of hair strands on the floor or in the tub when you brush or wash your hair? We know, it is very depressing when your ponytail is not as thick anymore and you need to use hair extensions to make your hair look fuller.

At Greenwich Medical Spa, we understand your frustrations and have created a customized non-surgical thinning hair treatment plan to help you restore and stimulate new hair growth.

There are many reasons for thinning hair or female hair loss. The five major reasons for hair loss are:

  1. It can be genetic,
  2. you may have hormonal imbalance, or
  3. you may have too much stress in your life (don’t we all?), or
  4. it may be all the styling products you are using at home or treatments you may be getting at a salon that is contributing to your thinning hair, or
  5. it could be poor nutrition or lack of nutrition.

Sometimes it could be a combination of all these factors that are contributing to your hair loss or your thinning hair.

Because there may be many contributing factors to your hair loss, we believe you cannot combat it with just one type of treatment protocol. We believe the best treatment for thinning hair is a combination of at home and in office therapies to get the best non-surgical results for thinning hair or hair loss.

We have developed a proprietary non-surgical treatment plan to slow hair thinning and reverse hair loss without any downtime. It is called the The Activator! This is an all inclusive package of in office and at home treatments to stop thinning hair for female and male patients as well. The package starts with a consultation and three in office visits. During these visits we will treat your clean scalp with a series of injections of our proprietary serum. Because the serum is rich in many ingredients, it stimulates the growth of new hair. These injections are done 4-6 weeks apart.

During your consultation we will also discuss your at home plan, which include using our Laser Cap 3x a week for 20 minutes. The laser cap is a portable, lightweight cap that stimulates the scalp, energizes tired hair follicles, and address hair loss proactively by supporting the growth of thicker, fuller, healthier hair at a cellular level. We also give you our at-home hair product called Re:Active. This is a prescription strength Minoxidil mixed with Biotin, caffeine and a blend of peptides to help prolong the growth phase of the hair follicles and slowing down or stopping hair loss. Finally, we will give you vitamins for your hair loss. Nutrafol hair vitamins are formulated with 100% drug-free, nutraceutical ingredients clinically shown to target the multiple causes of thinning hair without compromising your health.

The Activator, our multi-step treatment protocol is a proven plan, when followed on a regular basis, that will help you restore your hair back and stop the thinning at once. Not only will you gain back your head of hair, but also your confidence. The future is hair! Call us today for your to learn more.

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