Acne Attack

Original Article By Greenwich Medical Spa Staff.

A person suffering from acne can easily feel like there is no solution even while going from one “miracle cure” to another. Struggling with constant breakouts or the aftereffects of a breakout, such as acne scarring, and worrying about future breakouts might feel like a full-time job. But through a targeted, holistic, and natural approach paired with continuous care, relief is possible. The important thing to remember is that acne is typically not cured, it is managed.

To successfully treat acne, combining treatments offers the best result. Home care should be carefully monitored and adjusted so your skin doesn’t become used to one particular product or strength, and professional treatments are essential in helping your skin get clear. When dealing with acne, you want to look for a well-rounded acne program, not just an aesthetician who is going to give you a facial. That never works. Think about it – would you expect to have the perfect body after only one visit to a personal trainer? What’s more, not all acne facials are equal, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, find an aesthetician who has a before and after book of her own clients so that you can take a look at her successes.

Next, keep in mind that a good acne facial should be customizable. Like most things, when it comes to acne, one size does not fit all. Maybe your skin is a little dry and irritated, so you need a gentler enzyme peel for precise exfoliation. Or when a chemical peel is used, is it one with a proven track record for clearing skin without a lot of downtime? Do the peels go up in strength so that you do not just repeatedly receive the same treatment even as your skin begins to change?

You should also learn how experienced the clinician is with extractions, which are important for helping a lesion to clear faster, but in the wrong hands, they can cause scarring. You don’t need more of that! Ask what else is included in the acne facial. An added modality like LED phototherapy can significantly reduce inflammation and kill the acne bacteria all at the same time. We include Celluma LED light therapy in every acne facial we do.

As you go through the program, which should have you cleared in three to six months, the aesthetician can be there for you every step of the way. But outside of the office, compliance is up to you. It’s vital to be diligent about applying the recommended products morning and evening and agreeing to make lifestyle changes, which could mean limiting certain foods or using a clean pillowcase each night.

When acne patients commit to a program that includes home-care products and a series of about six acne facials spaced two weeks apart, we are able to achieve significant success in managing breakouts to the point of clear skin. Don’t live with acne another embarrassing day. Contact our Acne Clinic to get started with a consultation and full assessment from one of our certified, expert acne aestheticians.

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