How EMSCULPT Builds a Six Pack

When it comes to being slim and trim, fat reduction is only part of the solution. Muscle tone is what provides the body’s shape, and to get six-pack abs or lifted buttocks, strengthening the musculature below is key. But as we age, the body’s ability to build muscle decreases, making it harder and harder to maintain tone in these important areas.

The new, non-invasive EMSCULPT treatment accomplishes in a few weeks what months of gym visits cannot. What is EMSCULPT? It’s a groundbreaking technology uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy to work your muscles and tighten them from below, giving you a flatter, toned stomach or a lifted, firmer bottom.

EMSCULPT offers a solution for patients like Mitch who have little fat to lose but still aren’t happy with the firmness of their body.

“Over the last six weeks, EMSCULPT has sculpted my abdomen as if I have done 500 crunches every day during that time period,” says Mitch, who is in his late 50s.

Nurse Practitioner Amanda Pucci performed Mitch’s four EMSCULPT treatments, and she recognized him as an ideal candidate for its muscle-toning benefits.

“Mitch had minimal fat in his abdomen, but he had trouble building his abdominal muscles,” Amanda explains. “He did not like doing crunches, so EMSCULPT did the crunches for him without exercising.”

Even better, EMSCULPT builds real muscle, so Mitch doesn’t just look better, he actually is stronger.

“I find a lot of our patients saying their core is much stronger after EMSCULPT, making core exercises like Pilates or Megaformer a lot easier,” says Amanda.

Contact us today to get started on your quick journey to more muscle tone with EMSCULPT. If you’re wondering how much EMSCULPT costs, prices vary by practice but can range between $1,000 per treatment to $750 each with a package of four or more treatments.

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