Millennials Mad for Lip Fillers

Original Article By Greenwich Medical Spa Staff. When it comes to today’s aesthetic medical treatments, Millennials are giving middle-aged women a run for their money. Yes, gals in their 20s and 30s are visiting the spa for facials and laser hair removal, but recently, what Millennials ask for most is lip fillers. Among this generation, the popularity of injections to create luscious lips has skyrocketed.

For young women, it’s not age that has brought on a thin lip. It’s social media, or specifically Instagram. It might have gotten kicked off by Kim Kardashian and other members of her family, but today, the Instagram look is all the rage among young people. Injections of Juvéderm and Restylane hyaluronic acid fillers are used to augment lips and create an Instagram-worthy pout.

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Having lip injections can help balance the face and change a woman’s appearance in a good way. For older women, dermal fillers are used to replace lost plumpness and fill tiny “smoker’s lines” that come from age, not necessarily smoking. But for younger women, the goal is often a fuller-than-natural look.

Taking cues from the latest Instagram models, Millennials ask for noticeable results, which can mean two to three syringes of filler. Creating a pucker that full may necessitate a couple treatments because only so much product can be injected at a time. In fact, many of the preferred lip looks you see on Instagram are the result of multiple injection sessions.

At Greenwich Medical Spa, our experienced nurse practitioners and physician assistants are able to create the lips du jour for women of all ages, and we use a variety of fillers with different thickness to achieve the ideal look for each face. We love the immediate results of this treatment but know that injections cause swelling for a few days, so we ask our patients to return in two weeks when we can confirm symmetry and a perfectly even lip line. Because we prefer to start small and safely add more product if desired, we also have a follow-up conversation about the results achieved.

Whether you are a young patient bringing in your favorite Instagram photo as a prototype or are a 40-something woman seeking the return of your youthful pout, we are ready to help you love your lips as much as you love Kim’s.

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