Solutions for Male Pattern-Baldness and Female Hair Loss

Original Article By Greenwich Medical Spa Staff. | Thin is in, unless we’re talking about hair. For men and women alike, the loss of hair can have a significant negative effect on confidence level. Of course, hair restoration is an option, but it requires surgery plus a big expense. For anyone in the early stages, a less invasive solution can slow or halt the loss of hair so that rather than seeing more on the comb, you’ll see more on your scalp.

A solution that really works for a variety of causes of hair loss focuses on injecting our proprietary serum directly into your scalp to stimulate hair follicles. Once they are fired up, your hair follicles are able to grow more hair or even grow it again if they had retired. Because this treatment works to activate hair follicles, we call it The Activator, and we’ve been using it successfully at Greenwich Medical Spa and our locations in Westport and Scarsdale, NY to help men and women grow hair that is thicker and denser.

The Activator uses the power of our proprietary serum, which is injected directly into your scalp. What that means for you is that your key to thicker hair and less hair loss has been scientifically worked out to provide the most effective and longest-lasting results currently available.

To extend your results, we combine The Activator with our proprietary daily treatment Re:Activate. This prescription-only homecare solution contains a maximized concentration of 10% Minoxidil, which is combined with biotin, peptides and caffeine to further promote hair growth.

After receiving injections of our proprietary serum and utilizing Re:Activate, patients can expect to see thicker hair within one growth cycle, which is about 12 weeks. Whether that shows up as a lessening bald spot, a hairline that is inching forward rather than back, or thicker hair along the part, it’s all movement in the right direction.

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