The Right to Bare Arms

Original Article By Greenwich Medical Spa Staff.

EMSCULPT now builds muscle and burns fat on arms and legs without lifting a finger Slender, toned arms may be the holy grail of body sculpting. But for many women, and some guys too, building the right amount of muscle to make upper arms ready for public consumption can be challenging. Add some unwanted fat to the equation – blame it on pregnancy or just the genetic lottery – and whether you call them bat wings, mommy arms or spaghetti arms, they have been nearly impossible to improve without surgery.

Thanks to a recent update to cutting-edge aesthetic technology, you can build muscle and burn fat to firm and tone targeted areas of the body like the arms, thighs and calves. You may have heard of EMSCULPT from BTL Aesthetics, a new non-surgical treatment that builds noticeable muscle and burns fat in just a few quick visits. With EMSCULPT, we’ve been tightening and toning abs and butts for months and our patients have been thrilled with the quick results. We’re now introducing EMSCULPT for arms and legs!

In the same way EMSCULPT helps burn fat while building muscle in the abdomen and buttocks, it can now tone and strengthen arms, thighs and calves. The EMSCULPT treatment increases the number and size of muscle fibers to help you reach your goal of having a really great shape, in clothing or out of it. We know that muscle is the key to a truly sculpted body. Because even when you lose weight, you could still feel flabby. Or if you simply reduce unwanted fat, you might not get the curved, toned shape you are looking for. Of course, building muscle through working out is great, but there is only so much you can accomplish at the gym, and how much time do you have to spend there? Now you can tone arms and legs without lifting a finger. EMSCULPT for arms, thighs and calves uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate super powerful muscle contractions, and while it’s doing that, it speeds up your metabolism, destroying fat cells at the same time it builds muscle.

With the new EmTone handpiece from EMSCULPT, we can now build muscle and burn fat to lift and tone your arms or legs in just four treatments spaced a few days apart. You’ll see results right away, and they will continue to improve throughout the month. This summer, there will be no need to shy away from sleeveless tops or strapless dresses. Isn’t it time to bare arms?

Get in touch today to build muscle and burn fat with EMSCULPT for arms, thighs and calves this summer!

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