GMS Acne Clinic Treats Teenage ‘Maskne’

As if teenagers don’t have enough to worry about. Now, many formerly fresh-faced adolescents who have been practicing safe mask wearing during COVID-19 have found themselves suffering from acne flare-ups. Known irl and on social media as “maskne,” acne caused by wearing a mask can be both frustrating and uncomfortable.

As a parent, you may have offered your teen some advice about how to prevent maskne. You may even have read our blog on the topic. But parenting teens comes with its own frustrations and discomfort, and oftentimes, they won’t take your advice regardless of how knowledgeable you are.

Instead, we’d like to invite you to bring your teenager battling maskne to the GMS Acne Clinic, where they will find solid solutions that won’t offend their yearning for independence.

Wearing a mask can increase acne because the mask physically blocks pores and can hold bacteria, which remains next to the skin. Interestingly, the mask could also lead to more dryness, which can also cause acne to flare up. The challenge is discovering the cause of the acne and addressing the whole lifestyle, not just recommending products.

At the GMS Acne Clinic, we begin with a lengthy consultation, reviewing lifestyle and past and present skin issues. Our medical aestheticians provide a thorough skin examination – and let’s be real, your teen would never let you get that close. Finally, we create a plan that may include treatments, products, diet, and cosmetics and lifestyle adjustments.

Our acne expert, aesthetician Susana Boling explains that when it comes to skin, balance is key. The reason so many acne treatments fail is that products dry the skin, causing users to give up, or they stop working because the user’s skin becomes immune.

With a holistic approach, our GMS Acne Clinic experts have helped hundreds of patients get 90% clear in just three to four months. Throughout the process, we see patients regularly and continuously reassess how the program is working and whether adjustments should be made.

Wearing a mask is a vital step in protecting the wearer and the public during the coronavirus pandemic. If consistent face washing and using a fresh mask every day haven’t made your teen’s maskne go away, a visit to the GMS Acne Clinic will help move you both in the right direction. Just be sure to let them think it was their idea!