Why It’s Important to Treat Thinning Hair Early

For women and men alike, thinning hair seems to come out of nowhere.

Women may start to notice less hair in their ponytail or that their hair just doesn’t feel as thick anymore. This is because the growth stage has shortened, and some pieces of your hair simply do not grow as long as they used to. You may wonder whether avoiding pulling your hair back will help. Is it just breakage? You ask whether blow drying and styling your hair could be the culprit. But deep down, you know your hair is growing less and getting thinner.

Men watch as their hairline begins to recede. It happens slightly at first, and you can almost convince yourself it’s your imagination. But finally, you have to be honest with yourself and the worry that there is no way to reverse the trend creeps in.

The good news is that there is plenty that can be done, especially during the early stages of hair loss. We often get asked – when is the best time to start treating for hair loss? How do you know whether what seems like extra hair on your comb is leading to overall thinning that will eventually be noticeable on your scalp?

Our answer is that we consider hair loss or thinning hair in much the same way we do other symptoms of aging. The earlier you recognize the issue and start treating, the better your results. You wouldn’t wait until you had deep lines etched into your face to start using anti-aging skincare products. In fact, you probably started applying them at the first sign or a line or maybe even before.

It’s the same with hair loss. If it seems like there is more hair on your brush or comb, there is. And that is the perfect time to employ products and treatments for hair restoration. Bringing back hair where it no longer grows is difficult and sometimes not possible. But stimulating weakening hair follicles can slow the progress of hair loss and cause regrowth where it’s needed most.

We’re not talking about any kind of surgery or hair transplant – the treatments we offer to bring significant improvement to hair thickness and density are non-invasive.

For the most effective hair restoration treatment without surgery, we pair injections of our proprietary serum with an at-home daily treatment solution that will give you fuller, thicker hair, visible in as little as four months with benefits that improve for up to two years. We call this treatment The Activator, because it activates your hair follicles thanks to the injection of serum into the scalp. (Don’t worry, we start with a numbing cream!) Our homecare solution is Re:Activate, and you probably guessed that it was named for its ability to reactivate hair growth.

With three in-office treatments of The Activator, followed by the at-home regimen of prescription strength products, hair vitamins and the use of a laser hair cap, you will soon see less hair on your brush or comb and more on your head.

For early hair loss, you can also achieve noticeable results simply by using the at-home hair restoration products. Our proprietary Re:Activate solution is applied topically every day, and we provide Nutrafol vitamins for men and women. These products will enable you to keep your hair follicles healthy and strong, pushing off age-related hair loss and lessening visible shedding after just two months.

Whatever your gender, if you’re worried about thinning hair or hair loss, it’s not too early to start treating your scalp well. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention.