Man inspecting hair line on mirror

Guys, Are You Losing Sleep Over Hair Loss?

There are plenty of things to worry about today, but a receding hairline or thinning hair shouldn’t be one of them. Yet many men, or more accurately most men, will eventually suffer noticeable hair loss. In fact, according to the American Hair Loss Association, about 66% of men will join this club by age 35, and by age 50, that goes up to 85%. Not that it helps to be in the majority. And you’re probably still wondering what you are supposed to do to prevent hair loss or at least slow it down.

If questions like ‘what can I do for a receding hairline’ keep you up at night – absolutely counterproductive when lack of sleep may actually encourage hair loss – we are pleased to inform you that there are several treatments that can help. We’re not suggesting surgery, although that is the right option for some men. But when your hair loss is just getting started or you notice thinning rather than big bald patches, you can slow and even reverse the process with our targeted approach.

After many years of working with male patients experiencing conditions like a receding hairline, more hair on the comb in the morning, thinning at the crown, and other signs of hair loss, we developed The Activator. Just like the name says, this treatment activates your hair follicles, which promotes new hair growth. That means less hair on the comb and more on your head.

As promised, The Activator does not require surgery, and there is little downtime from this private, in-office treatment. It starts with stimulating those lazy follicles with scalp injections of our proprietary serum. (We’ll numb your scalp first, of course!) Other than a bit of swelling for a day or two afterwards, you won’t have any discomfort and can get back to regular activity, but take a few days off from the gym.

We’ll send you home with everything you need to continue activating growth within your own hair follicles — a laser hair cap, our proprietary reActivate hair solution, and our favorite Nutrafol vitamins. If you want The Activator to work, and we think you do, you’ll follow directions and use these items as instructed.

Be patient. Your hair follows a growth cycle, so you’ll need to wait and keep using the cap, hair solution, and vitamins. We may schedule two follow-up visits for more injections. After about four months, you’ll notice a visible difference in your hair’s thickness and your hairline. Results tend to improve for another few months. Stick with the program, and your hair loss will slow down, screech to a halt, or even reverse.

Come back about every two years for more of those fun injections, and you’ll maintain your fuller, thicker locks for ages. Although we have to warn you, your membership in that hair loss club might be revoked.