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Top Aesthetic Treatments for Making Self-Care a Priority

Wife, mother, entrepreneur, friend, daughter – you take on many roles. In fact, there are probably times you have been so busy, the first thing that falls off your to do list is your own care. But taking care of yourself should be at the top of your list because it is what enables you to be there for others. In fact, according to Everyday Health, self-care is what allows us to deal with regular forms of stress. And Perimeter Health says that self-care makes it possible for us to feel good and share those positive feelings with others.

When you dive into expert findings about self-care, you’ll see words like “rejuvenate,” “reinvigorate” and “renew.” These are some of the same words we use to describe the effects of the aesthetic treatments we offer at Greenwich Med Spa. Pretty interesting, right? That got us thinking about how the services we provide can help you in your quest to take better care of yourself and feel great about yourself, all with the goal of passing on those good emotions to those around you.

To gain more insight, we asked our Nurse Practitioner Amber about her favorite types of self-care in and out of the medspa. Here is what she told us:


Why does self-care matter?


As a woman, mother and wife, I do not often prioritize myself, but I know that self-care is so important. When I take time to put myself first, that energy then spills out to my family, friends and work. It is just as important to take care of ourselves as to take care of others.


What are the best aesthetic treatments for self-care?


As I age, I can say that BOTOX is my best friend. It opens up my eyes and softens my smile. Also, filler keeps me looking and feeling like I am in my 20s. I want to look in the mirror and see the girl I feel inside, and when I look this way, everything else is just better.


How do aesthetic treatments fit into your wellness lifestyle?


A balanced lifestyle is the key to happiness, which is why my next favorite treatment would have to be the EMSCULPT NEO! When our bodies look good, we feel good. This treatment reduces fat, builds muscle, and forces you to relax for 30 mins. As a busy working mom, I take that time to listen to a book, catch up on emails or just text a friend.


What is your favorite treatment for immediate results?


Fillers! When filler is expertly placed, it will not alter the way you look but rather replace structure you lost over time, so you will just look like the younger version of yourself. If done in the right hands, most people won’t even be able to point out what you had done. They will just think you look better but not know why.


What are your favorite self-care practices outside the med spa?


One of my favorite non-med spa treatments for self-care is getting massages. There is nothing better than a 90-minute massage where I can relax and physically become a new person. The next thing would be professional therapy. In addition to taking care of our physical health, self-care can include working on ourselves from within to become better and breaking generational cycles to ensure we raise better humans.

Commit to Self-Care with a Greenwich Med Spa Membership

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t lose sight of your self-care routine is to sign up for a GMS membership. You’ll be encouraged to stay current with your treatments and visits because a membership will earn you 15% off all treatments and retail, an extra 5% off series packages, two Diamond Glow facials per year, either one CoolSculpting treatment or one filler treatment, and lots of other VIP perks. This is one membership that will keep you feeling great all year. Just imagine what that will do for your self-confidence and your ability to share your positive feelings with others.

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