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Top Summer Skincare Travel Tips from an Aesthetician

There is no question that as the seasons change, our skincare routine needs to adjust too. While winter months may have you reaching for more moisturizer, summer can leave you asking what the heck you can do to combat high temperatures, sweat, sun damage and other challenges. Add in your desire (OK, need) to travel, and the thought of fitting all your skincare necessities into a portable case can seem overwhelming.

To get some vacay-friendly skincare answers, we conferred with our Lead Aesthetician Neidyn, who provided solutions for on-the-go skincare, as well as tips for maintenance at home.

What treatments are best during summer, and which need to wait for less sunny months?

While you can get all kinds of injectables during summer and take advantage of body-sculpting treatments, some facial treatments should wait until you spend less time out of the sun such as Diamond Glow facials, deep pore cleanse, Glo Peel and dermaplaning. Deeper and more aggressive peels aren’t ideal during summer as they can cause more hyperpigmentation and increased sun sensitivity. 

How can you best prepare your skin before you travel?

Booking treatments two weeks before travel can prep your skin for hydration and provide healthy new skin cells by getting rid of dead skin cells, so your skin is nice and glowy! 

What do you need to focus on while you are away? 

Hydrating is key when traveling. The high altitude and dry air of planes can cause dehydration and skin dryness. Packing our Arieed MD Cryo sheet mask or a hyaluronic acid travel size in your carry-on bag and applying during your flight will allow your skin to retain moisture. 

What can someone go a few days without to lighten the baggage? 

Retinol! You don’t need this, especially in the sun because it will cause skin sensitivity.

How can you ensure your skin will look good when you are temporarily in a new climate?

Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and sunblock with minimum 30 SPF should be your BFFs when traveling. Vitamin C helps protect the skin from the UVA & UVB rays of the sun, as well as protecting your skin against the environment. It also provides hydration and brightens the skin.


Should people take advantage of skincare offerings in places they visit? Or is it best to leave that to your regular med spa at home? 

You should leave it to your regular med spa at home! Your regular aesthetician knows your skin, and you have an important relationship. Skin treatments offered in the places you visit might make your skin sensitive to the sun. We want to protect your skin as much as we can while also enjoying yourself during your travels.

Do you have any tips for maintaining a skincare routine during summer months?

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