Heading Into 2023 with Confidence

While you’ll find plenty of advice for choosing and keeping New Year’s Resolutions online, a couple that always seem to make the list are losing weight and getting in shape. In fact, earlier this year, 41% of U.S. adults characterized themselves as overweight and 45 million Americans go on a diet each year. Many Americans also reported multiple barriers to getting exercise – for 42%, the excuse was not having enough time. Taken together, it’s clear that people want to look and feel better, but they have been more likely to resolve to do it each January than do it successfully. The good news is that if you’re determined that 2023 is the year you will achieve the slim, toned body of your New Year’s Resolution, you don’t need to rely on diet and exercise alone.

With a series of our proprietary DoubleSculpt treatments, you’ll lose more fat and achieve better toning, faster and more noticeably than you could through cutting calories and carbs or spending hours at the gym. In fact, this groundbreaking combination of noninvasive body sculpting treatments significantly freezes fat and builds muscle, and it. can be targeted to nearly any area or areas of the body where you need the most help.

According to Greenwich Medical Spa Nurse Practitioner Caitlin Ceccarelli, DoubleSculpt is the top body treatment she recommends for achieving your New Year’s goals.

“DoubleSculpt is one of my favorite combinations of treatments here at GMS,” she says. “It’s the perfect duo to get rid of unwanted fat and build muscle leaving you with not only a more toned and sculpted appearance, but most importantly, confidence. DoubleSculpt is the perfect treatment to get you feeling confident walking into 2023.”

We can bet this sounds exciting, so exactly what is DoubleSculpt? It’s our specially developed treatment that combines CoolSculpting, which you may be familiar with, and Emsculpt Neo, which is much newer. Both treatments have been FDA approved and target different aspects of body sculpting, which is what makes them so powerful together.

CoolSculpting has been safely performed millions of times worldwide to freeze away unwanted fat. During a noninvasive CoolSculpting treatment, an applicator sends targeted cooling below the skin to freeze targeted fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue. During the weeks following treatment, those fat cells are naturally eliminated by the body. At Greenwich Medical Spa, we use CoolSculpting Elite, the latest update that provides all patients with better, faster results. In fact, patients reduce fat in the treated area by 25% with each CoolSculpting Elite treatment.

CoolSculpting is the first half of our DoubleSculpt treatment and lessens the layer of fat, which is often hiding the muscle below. The second objective is to increase that muscle to create a firmer, more toned appearance. We do that with Emsculpt Neo, another noninvasive treatment. Emsculpt Neo sends high-intensity electromagnetic and radio frequency (RF) energies below the skin to build muscle. The level of contractions caused by one 30-minute Emsculpt Neo session is more than you could hope to achieve during hours of working out. Plus, with the boost from RF energy, Emsculpt Neo results in a bit of additional fat burning and tightens skin.

It’s easy to see why our Nurse Practitioner Caitlin thinks DoubleSculpt should be at the top of your December ‘to do’ list. This combination treatment quicky and effectively eliminates unwanted fat and builds muscle just where you need it most.

If you’ve thought, “new year, new you” every December for too many years without achieving the results you wanted, let 2023 be the year you walk into with confidence!