Beyond Hair Loss: The Activator’s Holistic Approach to Treating Thinning Hair in Women

Treating the Root Causes of Thinning Hair in Women

 We hear a lot about male hair loss and balding, but thinning hair is a challenge for many women too. It’s a concern that can strike at any age and arise from a variety of causes, such as hormonal changes, stress, medication, hairstyles that pull, vitamin deficiency and more. Of course, thinning hair is also associated with simply getting older, so even the healthiest gal may notice her hair is not as thick as it once was. And like men, some women are genetically more disposed to hair thinning and hair loss than others.

 Whatever may be leading you to find more hair on your brush and less on your head, a treatment that addresses multiple causes of hair loss can turn things around. This is why we developed The Activator, an exclusive non-surgical treatment for thinning hair that stimulates hair follicles and promotes new hair growth.

The Activator combines microneedling scalp treatments with our proprietary serum and our Re:Activate daily homecare formula for a comprehensive solution to thinning hair. We’ve watched along with hundreds of patients as they have enjoyed fuller, thicker hair in as little as four months. Continued use of this multifaceted treatment has brought them improvement for up to two years.

 You may be wondering why The Activator works so well and how it addresses the specific needs of women with thinning hair. Let’s explore the root causes of hair loss in women and how this treatment directly applies to them.


Hormones and Female Hair Loss

 One of the leading reasons women experience thinning hair is hormonal shifts. As you likely know and may have experienced, after childbirth and during perimenopause and menopause, estrogen and progesterone levels drop. These big drops in hormonal levels are responsible for both baby blues and the symptoms associated with menopause. They also result in slower hair growth, thinner hair strands, and more androgen hormones, which can exacerbate thinning hair.

 In addition to these natural hormonal changes, stress can lead to increased hair loss or alopecia. You might experience emotional stress, which can affect your immune system and hair shedding. Physical stress can be responsible too, like frequently wearing a tight hairstyle.

Another type of stress can result from rapid weight loss, which can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These changes can also affect hair thickness and growth in a negative way.


Successfully Treating Female Hair Loss

 Because hair loss in women can stem from so many possible concerns, and it is often difficult to know which issue or issues are responsible, we take a comprehensive approach to treating thinning hair. With The Activator, we treat female-pattern hair loss at all stages of the growth cycle.

 The Activator is a non-surgical solution that begins with microneedling treatments to your scalp. During microneedling, you will also receive injections of our proprietary serum that stimulates growth factors and hair follicles at a subdermal level. Most patients will receive three of these treatments over a few months.

 Between microneedling sessions, you will perform an at-home treatment regimen. We provide each patient with a prescription-strength product — our Reactivate Scalp comprehensive daily treatment. Reactivate Scalp Treatment features a maximized concentration of 10% Minoxidil, Biotin, caffeine, and a peptide blend. This combination supports stronger hair fiber synthesis, stimulates circulation and nutrient delivery, and reinforces the follicle to ensure an optimal hair growth cycle.

 The at-home treatment also includes Nutrafol hair vitamins targeted to your individual needs and a Laser Cap, which further stimulates hair follicles.

 It takes several months to achieve the maximum results of this treatment due to the hair growth cycle, but you will start to see a difference around the time your series of microneedling and injections has been completed. Get ready for increased hair thickness, density, and positive changes to your hairline or part. You can enjoy the benefits of The Activator for up to two years before additional injections are recommended.

 If you are ready to reverse the trend of hair loss for whatever reason it has begun, get in touch to book your complimentary consultation.