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There are many different kinds of facials, which target different skin types and skin problems. We will gladly help you determine the best choice for your needs.

Customized Facial:
A relaxing, deep cleansing experience, using premier anti-aging products.  Each facial is customized to suit your specific skin care needs and include a luxurious hand treatment. $100-$200

Four Layer Hydrating Facial:
Intensive, hydrating facial uses two intensive masks to hydrate and two layers of light peel to stimulate and exfoliate the skin. This facial will balance and restore moisture levels in all skin types.  $150

Deep Cleansing Facial:
Our most popular facial.  Through this relaxing process, the dead outer layer of skin cells is removed, blood circulation is stimulated, lymphatic drainage is aided, and wrinkles are delayed. Both blackheads and whiteheads are softened so they can be easily removed. Lastly, a face mask tightens and tones the skin.  $150

Microlift Facial:
The Microlift Facial is a relaxing one hour treatment done in a series of 10 treatments.   The treatment uses microcurrent to re-educate sagging facial muscles to go back to where they used to be resulting in a non-surgical face lift!   The results should last from 1 to 2 years.   $200

Oscar Night Facial:
Do you have a special event coming up?   Try our Oscar Night Facial which is a combination of a Microlift Facial and Product Penetration treatment.  The instant non-surgical face-lift results will last 72 hours.    In addition to the lifting, the Oscar Night Facial also improves your skin's health by increasing the production of your collagen and elastin to successfully lift away your deep lines and shallow wrinkles.  $300

Dermaplane facial is a "mechanical" way to exfoliate the skin.  It involves a dermaplaning tool to physically remove and exfoliate your dead skin cells—similar to a Microdermabrasion or an Ultra Hydrodermabrasion.  Dermaplanning also helps remove excess vellus facial hair leaving you with baby soft beautiful skin.  $200

Basic Facial:
This tretment combines skin-type specific cleansing, and an individualized treatment mask chosen to suite and sooth your skin.  The Treatment is finished with a light massage and pampering.  $100.

Call The Greenwich Medical Skincare & Laser Spa today at 203.637.0662 to schedule your facial appointment.

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