Groundbreaking Anti-Aging Ingredients Slide Show

Science has come a long way in helping combat the early signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. There are products on the market that do more than just temporarily hydrate skin cells, so when choosing anti-aging products, it’s important to know what active ingredients are really at hand. Check this New Beauty Slide Show> and get informed about the ingredients that are truly changing the skin today.

newbeauty logoNewfangled skin-care ingredients are constantly inundating the beauty scene but these 10 standout stars are backed with the latest in cutting-edge science, innovation and technology to make them the next breed of must-have anti-aging powerhouses you’ll definitely want to stock up on.

1. Bakuchiol
What it is: Derived from red grapes, bakuchiol, which has a long-standing anti inflammatory effect, especially in Indian and Chinese medicinal practices, helps keep breakouts to a minimum.
How it works: Often used topically, but sometimes taken orally, this all-natural extract helps to improve the skin since it possesses antimicrobial, antiscarring and anti-inflammatory effects. Another upside to it—it reduces hyperpigmentation, which is why bakuchiol is a prized anti-acne and anti-aging ingredient.

2. Mitostime
What it is: A multitasking extract of brown algae, cultivated in France, which energizes skin cells for better support.
How it works: Claims to reach all levels of the skin—the epidermis, the middle layer and the hypodermis—to wake up tired cells so that the natural rejuvenation process is sped up. Mitostime also helps keep skin hydrated by retaining water in the cells.

3. Monk’s Pepper Berry
What it is: With a long-standing history that dates back to ancient Greece—monks used to steep the bush-grown berries in water to create a healing tea—this rigorous free-radical defender helps to protect the integrity of the skin.
How it works: First researched as a dietary supplement, monk’s pepper berry has been shown to have a positive effect on the skin. Because the berry acts as an antioxidant and damage defender, it claims to help diminish the depth of lines and wrinkles, giving a tautness to the skin and speeding up the regeneration process of skin cells.

4. Barbary Fig
What it is: An oil from the seeds of the barbary fig, a cactus plant native to Mexico that helps rebuild collagen for firmer skin.
How it works: Rich in omega-3 and -6, this cellular-damage defender, which rivals the benefits of argan oil, protects delicate skin from harsh environmental aggressors while soothing, calming and softening the complexion.

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