CoolSculpting For The Summer

Ok, bikini season is around the corner, or actually right next door and you still have that little bit of belly pouch or banana roll or muffin top, or all of the above that your diet and exercise just can’t seem to help. Have you thought about CoolSculpting? I know you have heard about it on our website, on Dr. Oz, on Good Morning American, on Today’s Show and all the major magazines. So why don’t you try it? It works, there is absolutely no down time with it, no needles or suction hoses, and it is all non-surgical with a proven track record.

Visit our website to see OUR before and after photos and to see what you can expect from a treatment. Greenwich Medical Spa has performed the MOST CoolSculpting treatments in the New England area, as recognized by the makers of CoolSculpting. We are not only a CoolSculpting Certified Practice but we are the Premier Crystal Practice in the area.

Call us today at 203-637-0662 to find out if you are good candidate for CoolSculpting and let us help get rid of that last bit of belly pouch before you slip into your bikini. Specials Please add a link to our monthly specials.

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