Beauty Trick Uses for Lip Balm

newbeauty logoOriginal Article by Alison Abbey. There’s no such thing as too much lip balm, and luckily there’s no shortage of uses for it, either! Take a look at these less-traditional, but equally effective, ways to use your favorite balms.

Tame Flyaways

Very few of us have room in our bag for styling products, but we’re never without lip balm! Next time your baby hairs are getting out of hand, apply a little balm to your strands (via your fingers) to tame your mane. [Source:]

Freshen Up

Apply some Chapstick along your cheekbones and under your eyes to give your face a fresh, dewy look. The balm can minimize the look of find lines and you’ll end up with a natural-looking glowing complexion.

Manage Your Brows

If you’ve run low on eyebrow gel (or don’t stock the stuff in your beauty bag), tap some balm along your brows before brushing them into place.

Heal Your Hands

In the winter, the skin on your hands can get cracked and dry (just like your lips). Cover the cracks with a thick layer of lip balm to seal in moisture and build up protection against the elements.

Nix the Nicks

When you cut yourself shaving, even the smallest nick can hurt like crazy and bleed like a major injury. If it is just a small cut, you can apply Chapstick to the wound to stop the bleeding.

Cure for the Common Cold Symptoms

Blowing your nose over and over can lead to chapping and flaky skin around your nostrils. Apply a little balm to the area to moisturize and help heal the irritation.

Cuticle Cure

Apply lip balm to your cuticles before bed and you’ll awaken with moisturized nails that won’t snag or flake.

Makeup Remover

Smudge your eyeliner? Overshadow your lids? No problem! A little lip balm on a Q-tip will take care of makeup blunders in a few swipes.

Detain Your Dye

If you dye your hair at home, apply Vaseline or lip balm around your hairline to keep the dye from staining your skin.

Cure Blisters

If your new shoes look hot but hurt like heck, don’t fret. Rub lip balm on the irritated parts of your feet to create a barrier between your skin and your shoes.

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