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Is Everyone Secretly Getting Botox?

cosmopolitan logoOriginal Article by Nicole Catanese. I consider myself a pretty honest person, yet for the past five years, I have kept a secret from nearly everyone I know. I get Botox.

I started when I turned 30, with the intention of blurring the three distinct lines that ran clear across my forehead and the frown lines between my brows, both of which, unlike in my 20s, now remained etched on my face, even at rest. Initially, I didn’t tell a soul. I felt embarrassed that I even had wrinkles at 30 and that my go-to face creams weren’t cutting it and because all the girls in my crew seemed naturally line-free. (Or so I thought.) I looked at getting Botox like a secret experiment. The result: I loved how it made me look. My forehead was suddenly smooth, yet I could still move my brows like a normal human. And although I saw a dramatic difference, no one else did. They never asked. I never told. [Source: Cosmopolitan]

Now, five years later, getting Botox has become a staple in my beauty maintenance routine — something as essential as keeping my buttery highlights bright and never skipping a mani. Yet my trips to the doctor’s office remain on the DL. Only a very select group of girlfriends are in the know. My family has no clue. And I have purposely kept it from my boyfriend-turned-fiancé. And I’m not alone. A few years ago, Transform, a U.K.-based cosmetics company, released the results of a survey that found 72 percent of women keep nonsurgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox from their friends and family, and half do the same with their S.O. Gervaise Gerstner, M.D., an NYC derm, even says some patients are so hush-hush about their Botox that they ask her office for help to hide the evidence. “Women will split the bill two or three different ways — credit card, cash, check,” she says. “If they also came in for a mole checkup, we’ll print out a sheet for their insurance and it won’t have a whisper of Botox on it.” And after surveying my thirtysomething NYC-based friends, I discovered the majority of them are on the secret Botox bandwagon too. Why? It seems everyone has their own reason for keeping their Botoxing to themselves.

Male patient receiving an Emsculpt NEO treatment to the abdominal area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can EMSCULPT NEO do for me?

EMSCULPT NEO is an amazing noninvasive body sculpting treatment. It’s perfect for patients who are looking to get summer body ready! With this state-of-the-art, two-in-one technology, you build muscle and burn fat at the same time! This treatment provides a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and 25% growth in muscle on the treated area after a recommended number of treatments.

How does EMSCULPT NEO work?

While you lie down and relax, EMSCULPT NEO sends high-intensity energies deep below your skin, making your muscles contract in a big way that is like doing thousands of crunches or squats in a few minutes. While your muscles are contracting, the energy from the applicator simultaneously sends warmth to your fat cells, heating them up to the point of destruction. So you build real muscle from the contractions while destroying fat cells that are later naturally eliminated by your body.

How many EMCULPT NEO treatments will I need?

The recommended treatment plan is 4-6 treatments, one week apart. Depending on the patient, you may see improvement in your muscle tone, core strength and posture within a few weeks. And you’ll see fat reduction continue for about 12 weeks after your last treatment.

Are there any patients for whom you do not recommend EMSCULPT NEO?

EMSCULPT NEO is great because it has been shown to be safe and approved for all body and skin types. Contraindications include hernia, recent surgery, and pregnancy, so if a patient has any of these conditions, they should wait until they don’t to get EMSCULPT NEO.

What is the difference between CoolSculpting and EMSCULPT NEO?

CoolSculpting is a well-known treatment that is excellent for reducing unwanted fat in targeted areas. EMSCULPT NEO also reduces fat, but it has the benefit of building muscle, which is what its predecessor EMSCULPT was made to do.

Which treatment you choose depends on what your body needs and your personal goals. If you have great muscle tone and only need to get rid of some extra fat in a specific area like your abdomen or below your chin, CoolSculpting is an excellent option. But if you have loss of muscle tone and need more of a lift or tightening to a certain area like your abs or butt, EMSCULPT NEO is your two-in-one solution.

What is your favorite thing about EMSCULPT NEO?

Not only is this treatment super convenient with one treatment lasting only 30 minutes, but there is also no downtime! Patients can go about their day as they normally would immediately after their visit.

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