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The Nonsurgical Procedure Plus-Size Models Are Frequently Requesting

newbeauty logoOriginal Article By Brittany Fallon. Whether you’re plus-size or not, certain physical characteristics are considered more “classically beautiful” than others, especially by plastic surgeons, whose job it is to manipulate a person’s look based on their desires. In an interview with Revelist, plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Zuckerman said, “Classical beauty is, in part, characterized by a delicate jawline, slight heart shape to the face and a petite chin.”

Because of this, he says more and more plus-size models (as well as other women) are seeking treatments to slim their jawline area. “It’s true that many women, ‘plus-size’ models and otherwise, currently want to maintain a bit of a fuller figure, while at the same retaining a face that is classically beautiful,” Dr. Zuckerman said.

Another reason for the increase in requests for this type of treatment: Studio City, CA, dermatologist Gene Rubinstein, MD, says this area of the body (under the chin) is unlikely to respond to diet or exercise. Therefore, for models—plus-size or otherwise—an in-office treatment might be the best answer to keep this area slim and defined.

“With the popularity of selfies and social media, many patients concentrate on their face to look its best,” adds Dr. Rubinstein. “In my opinion, fullness in the chin area that is present in younger patients usually progresses to a ‘turkey neck’ appearance later in life. Therefore, addressing the small collection of fat early in life helps address this issue while the skin will bounce back. The goal here is to define the jawline.”

The top-trending method to achieve this? Kybella, an injectable that helps get rid of a double chin by dissolving and releasing the fat cells. Liposuction is still an option as well, but being a surgery with more downtime involved, Kybella is a popular choice for many models and women who are looking for something less-invasive.

“The key difference between liposuction and Kybella is that liposuction is an invasive procedure with risks and complications involved,” explains Dr. Rubinstein. Kybella is a series of injections, and even though there is a possibility of swelling and bruising, these typically resolve within just a few days. The process is safe and fairly uncomplicated to the patient. With liposuction, the swelling may take up to six weeks. Furthermore, Kybella treatment results in a smooth overall appearance that is soft to the touch. Post liposuction, a less-smooth appearance or ‘lumps and bumps’ are common for several months, and sometimes indefinitely.”

For even better results, Dr. Rubinstein says he often combines Kybella with Ultherapy, an ultrasound-based skin-tightening treatment, to further help define the jawline.

Male patient receiving an Emsculpt NEO treatment to the abdominal area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can EMSCULPT NEO do for me?

EMSCULPT NEO is an amazing noninvasive body sculpting treatment. It’s perfect for patients who are looking to get summer body ready! With this state-of-the-art, two-in-one technology, you build muscle and burn fat at the same time! This treatment provides a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and 25% growth in muscle on the treated area after a recommended number of treatments.

How does EMSCULPT NEO work?

While you lie down and relax, EMSCULPT NEO sends high-intensity energies deep below your skin, making your muscles contract in a big way that is like doing thousands of crunches or squats in a few minutes. While your muscles are contracting, the energy from the applicator simultaneously sends warmth to your fat cells, heating them up to the point of destruction. So you build real muscle from the contractions while destroying fat cells that are later naturally eliminated by your body.

How many EMCULPT NEO treatments will I need?

The recommended treatment plan is 4-6 treatments, one week apart. Depending on the patient, you may see improvement in your muscle tone, core strength and posture within a few weeks. And you’ll see fat reduction continue for about 12 weeks after your last treatment.

Are there any patients for whom you do not recommend EMSCULPT NEO?

EMSCULPT NEO is great because it has been shown to be safe and approved for all body and skin types. Contraindications include hernia, recent surgery, and pregnancy, so if a patient has any of these conditions, they should wait until they don’t to get EMSCULPT NEO.

What is the difference between CoolSculpting and EMSCULPT NEO?

CoolSculpting is a well-known treatment that is excellent for reducing unwanted fat in targeted areas. EMSCULPT NEO also reduces fat, but it has the benefit of building muscle, which is what its predecessor EMSCULPT was made to do.

Which treatment you choose depends on what your body needs and your personal goals. If you have great muscle tone and only need to get rid of some extra fat in a specific area like your abdomen or below your chin, CoolSculpting is an excellent option. But if you have loss of muscle tone and need more of a lift or tightening to a certain area like your abs or butt, EMSCULPT NEO is your two-in-one solution.

What is your favorite thing about EMSCULPT NEO?

Not only is this treatment super convenient with one treatment lasting only 30 minutes, but there is also no downtime! Patients can go about their day as they normally would immediately after their visit.

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