How to Get Rid of “Maskne” – Breaking Out from Wearing a Mask

How to Get Rid of “Maskne” – Breaking Out from Wearing a Mask

During the COVID era, we are all putting safety first. While that means we are taking a lot of important measures at Greenwich Medical Spa, on an individual basis, there is also plenty we can do to keep ourselves and others healthy and safe. A top item on that list is, of course, wearing a mask in public.

But for many people, that safety-first mask is causing breakouts, which is not going to make wearing them any more popular. In fact, the condition of breaking out from wearing a mask has already gotten a name – maskne. So what can you do about maskne?

If you find yourself breaking out from wearing your mask, diligent skin cleansing will be the key to clearer skin, according to our acne expert, aesthetician Ellen Tartaglione. Really step it up. She recommends using the ZOE Bliss cleaning device and a specially formulated cleanser from Arieed MD or Face Reality.

Next, focus on exfoliation. It’s simple and not messy to keep up with when you use disposable pads like Arieed MD reDeem Radiance Daily Pads or reDeem Miracle Weekly Peel Pads. Regularly exfoliating your skin helps keep your pores from getting clogged by dead skin cells and sweat that can get trapped beneath your mask.

Your maskne could also be caused by the mask’s rubbing against your skin and wiping out its natural protective barrier. Dermatologists call it acne mechanica because it is caused by friction. Your job is to restore the barrier, and a great way to do that is with hyaluronic acid. You can do this by using a moisturizer like Aireed MD reDew Intensive Hyaluronic moisturizer or with a treatment like SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator.

Always remember that even when you break out, it’s important to maintain your moisturizer routine. Another option when you are suffering from maskne or other acne flareups, is to use a no-oil moisturizer like Arieed MD reDefy. Oil-free moisturizers are generally great for warm weather too, so even if we are mask-free next summer, you’ll want to keep reDefy around.

And speaking of summer, it’s important to continue to use sunblock even when half of your face is covered. If you get to a secluded spot and remove your mask, you’ll want your skin protected from the sun’s damaging rays. Our hands-down favorite for breakout-free SPF protection? Elta Clear SPF 46. You can get it tinted for a hint of coverage, and it’s not greasy, so it won’t rub off on your mask.

Now, that you have gotten your maskne under control, be sure to get a cute mask you’ll want to wear every day!

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