Everything to Know About the Latest Nonsurgical Alternative for Tightening Skin

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There’s nothing fun about looking in the mirror and seeing saggy, loose skin. While many people want to do something about their aging complexion, the thought of a surgical solution can be intimidating. Thanks to technological advancements, more and more cosmetic doctors are developing noninvasive treatments, specifically targeting the loss of elasticity.

Case and point: Look at what Greenwich, CT dermatologist Mitchell Ross, MD is doing at his practice, Greenwich Medical Spa. His state-of-the-art “Greenwich 3D Lift” provides a safe alternative to traditional lifting procedures. Below, hear all about Dr. Ross’s downtime-free treatment and how it makes it easier than ever to revamp an aging complexion:

newbeauty logoNewBeauty: What does your 3D Lift entail?

Dr. Ross: The Greenwich 3D Lift does it all. First, we target the top, or epidermal, layer to even skin tone and shrink pores. Then we dive deeper to improve the dermal layer and address issues like fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. Finally, we reach the third layer, which is where fat, muscle and connective tissues are located. Here, the 3D Lift boosts collagen and elastin production, strengthening fibers that have become lax overtime for non-surgical skin tightening. The visible effect is a lifted, firmer appearance and a tight, smooth surface with a youthful glow.

NewBeauty: Who is a good candidate for the 3D Lift?

Dr. Ross: A good candidate for Greenwich 3D Lift is anyone who has noticed signs of aging like skin laxity, drooping, sagging or just an overall “tired” appearance. The modalities used in Greenwich 3D Lift are recognized for being safe and effective for all skin types and can be used during any season!

NewBeauty: How are the results comparable to a facelift? What are the pros and cons between the two?

Dr. Ross: Greenwich 3D Lift is a proprietary treatment that targets the outer and inner layers of the skin, as well as the connective tissues underneath to tighten skin, shrink pores and improve skin texture. In comparison to a facelift, the 3D lift will give natural results that improve over time. Facelift surgery results are often dramatic in the beginning during the healing phase, which some patients would want to avoid. The 3D Lift does not require you to take time off work, and does not involve drains or bandages, in contrast to a facelift surgery.

NewBeauty: What’s the recovery period like? How long until you see results?

Dr. Ross: There is no real downtime following a Greenwich 3D Lift treatment, and you may return to normal activities the same day. For a few days, you may experience the look of a sunburn, but it will quickly fade. We will provide an at-home serum for you to apply during the days after treatment, which will boost results and healing. Immediately following treatment, you will notice a slightly lifted appearance, and your skin will glow. In the weeks following your 3D Lift, your results will continue to improve as your skin repairs itself from above and below and collagen production increases. Your final results will be visible about six months after your last treatment.

NewBeauty: How long do the results last? Do you need repeated treatments?

Dr. Ross: Following your treatment series, your normal aging process will continue. You can return for a touch-up 3D Lift treatment every year or two to maintain your results.

NewBeauty: Is there anything else we should know about this proprietary treatment?

Dr. Ross: The reason why Greenwich Medical Spa Developed 3D Lift to firm and smooth the face, chin and neck was to provide a true lift without surgery and target multiple layers of the skin simultaneously. Our practice has more than fourteen years of experience offering skin tightening and resurfacing treatments, so we know how to obtain maximum effects. Additionally, we have been recognized with awards by industry leaders and possess extensive knowledge of the way treatments can be utilized together to produce significant results.

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