Top 5 Tips to Shrink Your Pores

Top 5 Tips to Shrink Your Pores

Did you know that pores have an important job? They are tiny openings in the skin that release the body’s natural oil to keep your skin soft and moisturized. But for many people, these “tiny” openings loom too large.

While pore size is determined by genetics, you may wonder – can I shrink my pores? Unfortunately, you cannot change the size of your pores, but you can improve their appearance. Keeping skin clean and making choices that benefit collagen production will go a long way toward your smallest pores possible.

Here’s our list of 5 ways to “shrink” your pores with at-home and in-office treatments:

  1. Exfoliate at home – You probably know that pores can get clogged with debris, and this can lead to breakouts. Exfoliating helps clear way dead skin cells and debris, as well as minimize blackheads. Our Arieed MD Redeem Miracle Weekly Pads will give you a mini- peel right in the comfort of your own home.
  2. Use retinol – We think retinol is a bit of a miracle. It boosts collagen product (reminder: good for the appearance of pores) and fights signs of aging. Retinol can help oily skin by reducing excess sebum production in your pores. We recommend our medical-grade Arieed MD Rebuild Retinol 50 Serum for daily at-home use and an overall smoother complexion.
  3. IPL – An Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial renews the surface of the skin. This laser has the ability to improve skin tone and texture by targeting blood vessels and melanin below the surface. Not only does IPL reverse the effects of sun damage and soothe redness, a series of treatments will also reduce pore size through increased collagen production.
  4. Fraxel – Another powerful laser, Fraxel creates tiny wounds in the deeper layer of the skin to turn on your body’s healing mechanisms. Old skin cells are sloughed off, and collagen production gets a major boost. All of this regenerates your skin to diminish age spots, sun damage, scars, winkles, and, you guessed it, pore size!
  5. CoolPeel – This new laser treatment provides the significant benefits of a CO2 laser without the downtime that typically comes with it. We’re thrilled to offer CoolPeel because it resurfaces skin and stimulates collagen production, which, as you know now, reduces the appearance of pores. Never before have such dramatic results been possible without needing to take time off for recovery.

Bonus Tip – Always use sunscreen to keep your skin healthy, reduce the appearance of your pores, and slow aging – yes, even during winter!

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