Vaginal Rejuvenation to Get You in the Mood for Love

Vaginal Rejuvenation to Get You in the Mood for Love

From chilly nights to Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary, whatever gets you in the mood, you want to make sure your vagina is up for it. If you have noticed a decrease in your ability to climax or issues like vaginal dryness, laxity or volume loss, whether due to childbirth or aging, it could be time to consider nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation.

Yes, you read that right – it is now possible to get the same youthfulness you enjoy from your aesthetic treatments applied to other, more delicate, areas. Rather than undergoing expensive vaginoplasty or labiaplasty surgery to tighten your vaginal area, we have three nonsurgical treatments that address many of the same issues. Ready to hear more? Let’s go!


ThermiVa is a non-invasive treatment that tightens skin by sending radiofrequency energy into your vaginal tissue to stimulate your body’s collagen production. More collagen leads to tighter skin in your vagina and external areas. Because ThermiVa also increases blood flow and boosts moisture to the area, you’ll experience less stress incontinence and vaginal dryness but more sexual pleasure.


We are thrilled to offer V-Shot, a nonsurgical treatment that provides increased G-Spot stimulation, more clitoral stimulation, and more and better orgasms. When our proprietary serum is injected into the clitoris and vagina – after the area is numbed, of course – cell turnover and performance is boosted. As a result, you will enjoy improved sensitivity, lubrication and fullness.


Just like the skin on your face ages and may become wrinkled, the vaginal area can also suffer from wrinkling and laxity, especially after childbirth or with the onset of menopause. We can use the same types of dermal fillers that are perfect for adding volume back to the lips and cheeks on your face to improve the plumpness of your labia. This boost to the appearance of your vagina is sure to offer a boost to your confidence too.

Not only will these three treatments improve your sex life, they will help with issues like vaginal looseness, the discomfort of vaginal dryness and stress incontinence. They say V is for victory, but we say it’s for vagina. Either way, thanks to these vaginal rejuvenation treatments, you’ll be feeling like a winner.

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