GMS The Generator™ Featured on @theglowwellness Blog

GMS The Generator™ Featured on @theglowwellness Blog

The Generator™: the next generation of skin regeneration

Last month I turned 47—and overall, I’m feeling great about it. I love to read about women feeling their best in their forties and beyond. As we grow into our age we start to feel more comfortable in our skin and that is so freeing! I feel like I have a lot to look forward to over the next decade. That said, I have begun to notice the inevitable changes in my skin that come with aging—the skin laxity and fine lines. In an effort to avoid an unnatural aesthetic that can come from the overuse of injectables, I set out to research the most cutting-edge non-invasive alternatives to botox and filler. Which is why I approached the experts at Greenwich Med Spa to help me think about a plan to age gracefully, without injectables or fillers.

I meet with Saasha at Greenwich Med Spa in Glastonbury CT and she spent over 30 minutes chatting with me about a plan for my skin over the next year. She is an aesthetics expert, having been in the industry for many years. She totally understood my concerns about going needle-free (after a not-so-great experience many years ago). The first service she outlined was a treatment that GMS just started offering. It is called The Generator. This is a procedure that treats facial skin in a short 20-minute session, promising fewer wrinkles and a more lifted appearance over time.

Let’s get into it…

What are [growth factors]?
Imagine a medical treatment that is so regenerative, cutting-edge, and promising that it has the potential to cure diseases that were once thought incurable. That’s exactly what [growth factor] therapy might offer. By harnessing the power of tiny cellular messengers called [growth factors] (which are literally how our cells communicate with each other), this revolutionary therapy has the potential to treat a wide range of conditions, from chronic pain and cancer to neurodegenerative, inflammatory, and cardiovascular disorders too. In this blog post, we’ll specifically discussing using [growth factors] topically to help regenerate skin.

[Growth Factor] therapy is a new treatment that is used both medically and for beauty purposes. It involves a cutting-edge cellular regeneration technique that builds upon the success of other proven therapies like stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma. [Growth factors] can be delivered either to skin topically after a laser or micro-needling treatment. By improving cell signaling, reducing inflammation, and promoting cellular regeneration this therapy has shown promise.

At the heart of [growth factor] therapy are growth factors themselves. [Growth factors] have been described as “tiny bubbles that are released from cells, especially from stem cells”. They’re also called extracellular vesicles. These “bubbles” are lipid spheres that act as messengers and carry genetic information and critical signaling proteins to be delivered to other cells.

When I visited the aesthetician at GMS for my first treatment, she confirmed that in her experience, [growth factors] really do have the ability to renew skin.

So, how well does The Generator actually work?
The treatment starts with a Diamond Glow facial. This is similar to a Hydrafacial. It basically is a Microderm treatment to create an open porous environment for the skin to absorb the amazing [growth factors]. Instead of the next phase of the facial, where seems are introduced to penetrate the skin, [growth factors] are then manually massaged into the skin. You leave with the [growth factors] on and do not wash them off until the next morning. According to their website, GMS also provides a vial of [growth factors] to apply over the next few days to enhance your treatment.

During the treatment, tiny [extracellular vesicles] are carefully delivered into the skin or scalp through these micro-injuries created to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate from within.

I felt glowy and refreshed the first day, and with a clearer smoother complexion over the next week. Over the next month fine lines looked softer.

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