Body Contouring: The Perfect Addition to Your Early New Year’s Resolution

Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

 Improved diet, fitness, and weight loss are at the top of annual resolution lists for a reason. Most of us would like to enjoy the benefits that come with meeting these goals, like a slimmer shape and a tighter, more toned body. But you don’t need to wait until 2024 to get started on your journey to sculpting the body you want.  

 Even before January 1st, you can begin a body-contouring treatment plan that will result in visible benefits when the calendar turns to a new year and keep getting better as the months pass by. We’ve pulled together four beneficial options that will give your body-sculpting goals a boost and let you start your 2024 New Year’s resolution ahead of the game. And if you’ve already begun utilizing a semaglutide to lose weight, these treatments will keep your results moving in the right direction.

 Emsculpt Neo

 Gym or no gym? That is the question. During the busy holiday season, the answer might be the latter, but that is not a problem. You can still meet and even exceed your toning goals with the muscle-building technology of Emsculpt Neo.

 The “Neo” part of the name refers to the fact that this treatment is an update from the original, which was already amazingly effective. Now, Emsculpt Neo simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat. By combining the original high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) and radiofrequency energy (RF), this treatment causes supramaximal muscle contractions and heats fat cells to the point of destruction. You reap the benefits during quick weekly sessions that increase the number and size of your muscle fibers and decrease fat cells.

 Emsculpt Neo is used to treat the abs and butt, decreasing fat by up to 30% and increasing muscle up to 25% after four treatments. Happy New Year to you!

 CoolSculpting Elite

 If your focus right now is more on getting rid of unwanted fat in particularly troublesome areas, the fat-freezing power of CoolSculpting will help you get there. Safely performed around the world more than 8 million times (and at Greenwich Medical Spa more than 16,000 times), noninvasive CoolSculpting uses the science of cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells below the skin, damaging them to the point of rupture. In the weeks following treatment, your body naturally eliminates the old fat cells.

 And there is more good news. With the new CoolSculpting Elite applicators, results are better and faster than ever. CoolSculpting can be used on nearly any area of the body, like the love handles, stomach, thighs, upper arms and back, as well as a double chin and undefined jawline — just the areas that are difficult to improve through diet and exercise alone. A CoolSculpting treatment now will start to show visible results in January.


 It might be too hard to choose between building muscle and eliminating unwanted fat. That’s why we offer the double whammy of DoubleSculpt. This special Greenwich Medical Spa treatment combines Emsculpt Neo and CoolSculpting to give our patients maximum body sculpting results in the most efficient way possible.

 We start with a CoolSculpting treatment that freezes unwanted fat on the targeted area. Then we enhance the effects with Emsculpt Neo, which tones and burns additional fat. This dual treatment is specifically used for creating six-pack abs and lifting the butt.

Smart Lipo

 While Emsculpt Neo, CoolSculpting, and DoubleSculpt are noninvasive treatments that work over time, Smart Lipo offers patients instant results. It has some aspects in common with liposuction because it immediately eliminates fat, however, it has a much shorter recovery time.

 Via a tiny incision, Smart Lipo utilizes a laser through a small cannula to liquefy fat cells. Even better, this form of laser liposuction also stimulates collagen production to leave you with tighter skin. We offer Smart Lipo at our Glastonbury location, where it can improve virtually any area of the body, including below the chin. This extraordinary treatment has led to some of our favorite before & after photos.

 The time is right to kick off your 2024 New Year’s resolution to achieve the body you want. Get ahead of the curve – or curves – and contact us today to schedule your body sculpting consultation.