Exosomes: The Breakthrough Behind The Generator™ Facial

Advanced Anti-Aging Science

When science offers a groundbreaking advancement in anti-aging, there is nothing to do but take full advantage. That was our thinking when we created The Generator™, a facial featuring the most cutting-edge scientific biotech breakthrough for skin rejuvenation and regeneration. Its power lies in the inclusion of exosomes, allowing it to work at the cellular level to repair tissue and improve skin health.

But what are exosomes?

 According to researchers, exosomes are secreted by cells and are “rich in proteins, nucleic acid and other bioactive molecules.” They are capable of “strong tissue penetration,” which makes them “ideal for applications in medical aesthetics.”


Allure magazine explains that exosomes “wake up inactive skin cells … to repair, strengthen, and rejuvenate skin.” Plus, they stay active for months after treatment and have anti-inflammatory properties.


Last year, Popsugar said exosomes are “blowing up in the beauty world” and “about to be the next big thing.”

We are already there.


How to make the most of regenerative exosomes

Worthy of so much praise, it should come as no surprise that we are incorporating these powerful exosomes in multiple ways, and they are a vital aspect of The Generator™ Facial. While exosomes are mighty and hardworking, they are not able to penetrate skin on their own, so if you simply apply them topically, their benefits are lost.

That is why we developed The Generator™, a medical facial that includes dermaplaning to gently remove the stop layer of skin and DiamondGlow dermabrasion, which exfoliates, extracts, and infuses skin with the powerful stem cells we’ve been raving about.

Because The Generator™ goes beyond the surface of the skin, it delivers the concentrated power of more than 2.5 to 5 billion lyophilized nanoparticles, which promote cell-to-cell communication within your own skin. Along with exosomes, the serum infusion includes potent growth factors, peptides, coenzymes, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. The result is immediately rejuvenated skin and a more youthful, healthy appearance that improves as cell activity increases.


The Generator™ for everyone

One of the best features of The Generator™ is that it is a fit for everyone. It will rejuvenate all types of skin, including sensitive skin. Providing a wide range of benefits, it addresses uneven texture, improves hydration, minimizes pores, and can be used to slow hair loss. New studies are showing exosomes offer great improvement for a variety of medical skin conditions too.

 Because it reduces inflammation and promotes cell-to-cell communication, The Generator™ helps skin heal faster, which also makes it an ideal addition to laser and microneedling treatments.  


The Generator™ Add-On

Incorporating The Generator™ following microneedling treatments like The Eraser™, RF Microneedling Plus, or Vivace Plus; laser treatments like CoolPeel CO2; or an IPL Photofacial enables skin to heal 50% faster.

The Generator™ also supercharges these treatments, which have opened portals in the skin or disturbed the outer layer of skin, allowing the serum to penetrate deeply and quickly, going to work waking up the cells below. Collagen production is increased, and skin is nourished. On the surface, you’ll see a more even skin tone and texture, visibly reduced lines and wrinkles, and an overall firmer, more youthful appearance.

You don’t have to be a scientist to understand the extensive benefits The Generator™ offers, from faster healing time to better treatment results. Whether you are ready for the best facial of your life or want to add it to your next skin rejuvenation treatment, it’s time to rev up and rejuvenate your cellular activity. Get in touch today to put The Generator™ on your schedule.