Eva Amurri’s Wedding Prep at Greenwich Medical Spa

Every bride wants to feel and look her best on her wedding day. Not only because it’s a day when all the focus is on you and your new spouse, but because those photos are immortalized for decades to come! It’s normally the time when family members all come together as their most photogenic selves as well, so you know that those photos won’t only be on your shelves at home, but on the shelves of your nearest and dearest. It’s normal to feel pressure to look EXACTLY how you always pictured on that special day.

As a second-time bride, I find myself in a little bit of an interesting swirl of conflicting emotions: I definitely feel the most confidence in who I am as a woman at this stage of life, for my second marriage. I know what I find to be beautiful for myself, and I feel more comfortable in all areas of my femininity. On the other hand, I was a 25-year-old bride the last time, and when I get married for a second time I’ll be nearly 40! I’ve had three children. I’m lumpy and saggy in places that I wasn’t the last time I wore a wedding dress.

(Side Note: This is also an interesting journey when you’re dating somebody post-children, by the way! Especially if they’ve never been with somebody who has recently had babies. I remember how self-conscious I was having crepey skin in certain areas, and my breasts sagging after breastfeeding. At first, I just felt differently naked than I did when I was in a relationship with somebody who had seen me during every phase of that journey, instead of just at the end. I was so aware of looking lightyears different than I did the last time I was putting myself out there and dating.)

Ian loves me and my body just the way I am, but as a Bride I knew I wanted to make sure that my confidence on our wedding day was at a 10/10…or as close to it as possible. Just for ME. I’d been getting facials and Botox at Greenwich Med Spa for the last 6 months or so, and I found out that they do a whole pre-wedding process for Brides to set them up with the exact treatments they need to be their most confident and glowing on their wedding day! I’ve been loving my results with them, so I was total game to go in and do a consultation with Amanda Pucci. I’ve been loving working with Amanda because she’s done tons of brides and is a bride-to-be herself, so she really knows what women are looking for on their big day.
Greenwich Med Spa in Westport is my location of choice, because it’s right down the road from me and so lovely inside. But GMS serves New York, Connecticut AND New Jersey, so it’s not just a Westport spot! Definitely make sure to check out their locations if you live in the tri state area! When I went in for my consultation with Amanda, I made sure to share exactly how I wanted to look and feel on my wedding day. We decided to focus on really plump and glowing skin, and to help an area of my body that was giving me so much insecurity. My bra line and the back of my shoulder blades has always been a “problem area” for me. I have naturally very large breasts, and as a result, I tend to hold on to fat in that area. No matter how healthy I am or how much I work out, the fat sticks around there. It hasn’t really bothered me in the past, and I rarely draw attention to that area with what I wear (on purpose).
But, I happened to fall in love with a strapless wedding dress! When I wear it, the dress hugs me right where those fat deposits are, and makes them bulge out kind of like a muffin top. Whenever I look at photos of myself in my wedding dress, I find it so distracting, and it was really bothering me. I shared this concern with Amanda, and she had a recommendation for a treatment that could target that area and help to reduce the fat bulge in a way that exercising has never been able to! I’ll let Amanda answer all the questions about the process below, but I’m so excited to be going on this Bridal journey with GMS, and of course, I’ll update you all along the way. Let me know if you have any questions, or reach out to Amanda and GMS for a consultation if you’re interested! You can always use my GMS discount code EVA50 for $50 off any treatment you book.


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