Greenwich Medical Spa

The Eraser is the Greenwich Medical Spa’s proprietary process that combines micro-needling and injections of our proprietary serum to encourage collagen production deep within the skin.

The Eraser treatment begins by preparing the skin with a topical anesthetic. While the anesthetic takes effect, we will use a handheld micro-needling device to puncture the top layer of skin with multiple fine needles that are directed to the exact areas that need improvement. The process creates open portals or channels in the skin, which becomes ready to receive injections of our proprietary serum. The body’s natural healing resources are immediately activated to literally grow new tissue.

Because The Eraser does not damage the surface skin and works directly on the lower layers, the treatment causes skin to rejuvenate itself from the bottom up. Combining the collagen induction therapy of micro-needling with reintroduction of growth factors isolated from your own blood leads to the production of new tissue. And this fresh skin tissue is filled with collagen, new fatty tissue and new blood vessels, which means your face once again becomes smooth and soft with a healthy glow.



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