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July 4th Holiday Weekend

Written by Keren Lai, Aesthetician
July 4th Holiday Weekend is upon us! Many of you are planning family gatherings and getaways, but have you thought about your holiday weekend skincare essentials?  ..


You CAN Get Rid Of Those Pesky Blackheads!

Written by Keren Lai, Aesthetician
School is out and summer is in full swing. Now, more than any other time of year, our clients are bothered by the build up of blackheads on their face, and rightly so. Excess sweat and more frequent application of sunscreen is the perfect recipe for blackhead formation.

But what are blackheads exactly?
When a pore fills with sebum and dead skin cells, a blockage can form. These blockages are called open comedones, and when exposed to oxygen, they oxidize and turn the sebum a dark color - hence the name blackheads.  ..


Sun Protection 101

Written by Keren Lai.
Summer is here and that means it is time to buddy up with your SPF! Here at GMS we are serious about sun protection.Sun exposure is responsible for most of the visible aging of your skin—far more than all other factors combined!  ..


Laser Hair Removal – What to Know Before You Go

Original Article By Greenwich Medspa Staff.
The benefits of getting laser hair removal are many. From ditching the razor and avoiding bumps to being bikini ready at all times, laser hair removal offers a permanent solution to unwanted hair on nearly any part of the body or face. And as summer heats up, many of you may be considering having this liberating treatment. But all laser hair removal is not the same, and there are some important factors to consider before selecting a provider.  ..


A Win By A Nose

By Meghan McSharry (WAG).
For as long as I can remember, I have been self-conscious about my nose. It started in high school - you know, those awkward years where you really start to care about your appearance, you play around with your personal "look" and your primary concern is getting a date for the prom.

Many people never noticed the bump on my nose. But to me, it was something that stuck out on my face, both literally and figuratively. As I became a teenager, the bump grew more visible from the profile view and the bridge of my nose was crooked from the front, thanks to an unfortunate accident with a baseball during high school. I had been telling my mom since I was 15 or 16 that, one day, I would get a nose job.  ..


Top 5 Summer Skin Tips

Summer Skin Care Tips from Greenwich Medspa Written by Keren Lai, Aesthetician
Summer is here! At Greenwich Medical Spa we are excited as ever for longer days, beach outings and outdoor fun. Just as we clean out our wardrobe in preparation for warmer weather, it is important to update your skin care regimen to ensure your skin is glowing and protected in the summer fun. These 5 products will keep your skin healthy and bright for the summer months!  ..


Solutions for Male Pattern-Baldness and Female Hair Loss

Original Article By Greenwich Medspa Staff. | Thin is in, unless we’re talking about hair. For men and women alike, the loss of hair can have a significant negative effect on confidence level. Of course, hair restoration is an option, but it requires surgery plus a big expense. For anyone in the early stages, a less invasive solution can slow or halt the loss of hair so that rather than seeing more on the comb, you’ll see more on your scalp.

A solution that really works for a variety of causes of hair loss focuses on injecting growth factors and proteins from your own blood directly into your scalp to stimulate hair follicles. Once they are fired up, your hair follicles are able to grow more hair or even grow it again if they had retired. Because this treatment works to activate hair follicles, we call it The Activator, and we’ve been using it successfully at Greenwich Medical Spa and our locations in Westport and Scarsdale, NY to help men and women grow hair that is thicker and denser.  ..


Millennials Mad for Lip Fillers

Original Article By Greenwich Medspa Staff.  Lip Fillers GreenwichWhen it comes to today’s aesthetic medical treatments, Millennials are giving middle-aged women a run for their money. Yes, gals in their 20s and 30s are visiting the spa for facials and laser hair removal, but recently, what Millennials ask for most is lip fillers. Among this generation, the popularity of injections to create luscious lips has skyrocketed.

For young women, it’s not age that has brought on a thin lip. It’s social media, or specifically Instagram. It might have gotten kicked off by Kim Kardashian and other members of her family, but today, the Instagram look is all the rage among young people. Injections of Juvéderm and Restylane hyaluronic acid fillers are used to augment lips and create an Instagram-worthy pout.  ..


How EMSCULPT Builds a Six Pack

When it comes to being slim and trim, fat reduction is only part of the solution. Muscle tone is what provides the body’s shape, and to get six-pack abs or lifted buttocks, strengthening the musculature below is key. But as we age, the body’s ability to build muscle decreases, making it harder and harder to maintain tone in these important areas.  ..


Award-winning Cosmetic Medical Spa Opening New Location in Scarsdale, New York

Scarsdale, NY. On December 1st, 2018, Greenwich Medical Spa is opening its third location in Scarsdale, NY, trippling its capacity to serve clients across the Westchester and Fairfield County seeking state-of-the-art cosmetic and dermatological services. ..



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