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Why choose Greenwich Medical Spa for your CoolMini treatment:

  •  We have been performing CoolSculpting treatments for more than 5 years.
  •  Our clinicians are the most experienced in the area.
  •  We have completed more than 5,500 CoolSculpting treatments to date – that’s more than any other practice in the state of Connecticut!

When it comes to the dreaded double chin, typically no amount of diet or exercise can fix what genetics has determined. But thanks to the new, smaller CoolMini applicator from CoolSculpting, you can treat fat in hard-to-reach areas, like under the chin, and literally freeze it away. This non-invasive, non-surgical contouring treatment offers localized fat reduction by cooling specific fat cells and destroying them. Because fat cells cannot regenerate, CoolMini provides a solution to double chins, chubby knees, and bra fat. It’s time to give these trouble spots the cold shoulder and achieve a more graceful neckline whether your DNA intended it or not.

CoolMini is a smaller applicator available as part of CoolSculpting by Zeltiq. We have a group of Harvard scientists to thank for this groundbreaking concept in fat reduction. Based on the process of cryolipolysis, which offers targeted freezing of fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding tissue, CoolSculpting is a safe, effective, and non-surgical method of permanently eliminating fat cells. Without breaking the skin, the CoolMini applicator sends targeted cold to the fat below. The fat cells freeze, crystalize, and are destroyed. During the course of the next few months, your body safely and naturally eliminates the fat cells.

Each CoolSculpting CoolMini treatment reduces fat on treated areas by 20-25%. You can safely receive multiple treatments to the same area until your desired result is achieved. The CoolMini applicator works well on smaller trouble spots that the regular CoolSculpting applicator had difficulty reaching and treating, such as fat under the chin, on and around the knees, and along the bra line. Because CoolMini destroys fat cells, results are permanent as long as you maintain a steady weight.


CoolMini eliminates actual fat cells that lead to trouble spots and do not respond to diet and exercise. As long as you maintain your weight, your double chin – or other issue – will not come back. However, even though the fat cells eliminated by CoolMini will not come back, the remaining fat cells can expand. This is why maintaining a healthy weight is critical to sustaining your CoolMini results.
CoolMini offers a permanent solution to fat reduction under the chin and in other hard-to-reach areas like the knees and bra line.
Patients experience no discomfort during a non-invasive CoolMini treatment. After some initial suction and coldness, the area being treated adjusts, and you can relax, check email, or flip through the latest magazine.
Following a CoolMini treatment, you may experience minor bruising, swelling, or numbness at the site of application. These effects are temporary and will resolve within a week or two.
With each CoolMini treatment, you can expect a 20-25% reduction in fat at the application site. The number of treatments you need to attain your desired look depends on how much fat loss you would like to achieve. You can safely continue to have additional treatments. Because CoolMini allows the body to naturally eliminate the fat cells it has destroyed, you will need to wait one to three months between treatments to realize the final results of each application.
Since it was cleared by the FDA in 2010, CoolSculpting has been used in more than 2.5 million treatments worldwide. And we have safely performed thousands of CoolSculpting treatments at Greenwich Medical Spa. CoolSculpting’s targeted cooling ensures that unwanted fat cells are frozen, but other tissues are not affected in the process. The body naturally eliminates the damaged fat cells over time, so all you will notice is that your double chin becomes smaller. Other than the potential of initial swelling and numbness, there are no long- or short-term side effects of CoolSculpting and CoolMini.

Greenwich Medical Spa provides CoolMini services that are convenient to the communities of Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, New Canaan, Westport, Westin, Wilton, Fairfield, Westchester and Southport.

*Individual results may vary.