Chista Casal


Management guru Chista Casal has been with Greenwich Medical Spa since it opened. Having earned a degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland, she has been working in management for more than 20 years. At Greenwich Medical Spa, Chista is proud to work with an excellent group of practitioners and dedicated staff. She enjoys not only the attention to detail, but also the opportunity to provide excellent customer service and interact with patients because she knows that everyone feels positive and happier when they like the way they look. To that end, her preferred treatments are Botox and Ultherapy since both provide noticeable results despite being simple procedures to have.

Born and raised in Potomac, Maryland, Chista maintains her allegiance to the Washington Redskins. She comes from a large family – her father is the youngest of 10 children – and spends Sundays with her niece and nephew. At home, Chista shares her time with her two rescue dogs who surely appreciate her consistent donations to the ASPCA.



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