Suzanne Kamal


After an early career as a hairdresser, Suzanne Kamal moved to working in plastic surgery and dermatology, taking her career to a more clinical focus, which she found more rewarding. She holds a license in cosmetology and certification in HydraFacial. Most importantly, she understands that when patients walk through the door, they are generally coming in with a concern. Whether it’s a teenager with acne or a mom needing quality time and attention, there is a treatment that will help the client achieve positive results. She strives to listen, understand and empathize to provide the best patient experience and solutions.

Suzanne’s attention to offering excellent patient care not only makes her an ideal fit for the Greenwich Medical Spa team, it also earned her a trip to the British Virgin Islands when a client who owned a small spa there hired her to train the aestheticians. Having grown up in rural Ellington, Connecticut, Suzanne still enjoys being outdoors. She likes to walk, kayak or spend time on her deck attending to her flowers. At the age of 22, she got a motorcycle license, and more recently, she became a reiki practitioner with the intention of creating more balance and becoming more aware of her surroundings and own spirituality.