Michele G
Love Amanda she is attentive and doesn't consistently try to push you to purchase products. She is also a good listener and shows care when I voice my concerns regarding my skin and she always offers suggestions. I'm glad I gave Greenwich Medical Spa a chance even after the lady who I went for a consultation with didn't show any empathy. When I asked how many microneedling treatment she thought I'd need she quickly said with a gross look on her face: oh at least 10. Do you how much 10 treatments cost? A LOT of money. Any good sales person would have suggested starting with the package of 4 or 6 and wait to see how well my skin would respond to treatment. At least this is what I'd do. You also don't want to make your potential client feel bad and that's how I felt, but a good friend of mine had very good results after doing 4 treatments with them, so I decide to give it a try. My skin has improved significantly with 4 treatments but I'm excited to see how it will look after the 6th. Didn't buy 10 but may do another 4 in the future.