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Solutions for Hand Rejuvenation

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What should I do after my hand dermal filler treatment?

After your injectable filler treatment avoid heat exposure, alcohol consumption, and strenuous exercise for 24 hours. Gently massage the areas for five minutes at a time, five times per day, for the first five days. This will help smooth out the dermal filler (but it doesn’t degrade it). You can apply a moisturizer on the skin to help massage the area.

Your Solution to Hand Rejuvenation may include:

Injectable Fillers for Loss of Volume on Hands

Injectable Fillers for Loss of Volume on Hands

Average Cost: $700-$1000
Recovery Time: 1-7 Days
See Results: 0 days

Facial rejuvenation is very common because your face is the first thing people see when they look at you. But if the face is rejuvenated and other areas are not, there is a mismatch. For example, you meet someone and their face looks great. But when you shake her hand, the hand looks much older. This is a dead giveaway that treatments were done. Now rejuvenation treatments are done on other areas of the body. The backs of the hands is another area where we lose volume over time. This leads to visibility of veins and tendons. Injectable dermal fillers such as Juvderm, Radiesse and Voluma can be used to restore the volume in the hands and provide a youthful appearance there too.

The treatment takes about 15 minutes and the results are immediate. You may experience some minor bruising and swelling, which will subside in few days or week. Depending on the fillers used, your result can last from 6 months to more than a year.

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IPL for Hand Rejuvenation

IPL for Hand Rejuvenation

Average Cost: $200 – $450
Recovery Time: 0 Days
See Results: 1-3 Weeks

Intense pulsed light, also known as IPL, can offer a gentle and long-lasting solution for visible signs of sun damage that affect the way your hands look. It also combines dramatic improvement with virtually no down time and with no damage to the surface of the skin, which some patients may experience during laser resurfacing. A typical IPL Hand treatment can take 15 minutes. There may be some redness and/or minor swelling after treatment. Any brown spots will eventually darken and fade from the surface, revealing fresher-looking, smoother skin. Several treatments (sometimes as many as 6) may be required to see the full benefit to the skin.

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*Individual results may vary.

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