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Has childbirth, time or menopause lessened your personal happiness?

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Incontinence when you jump or cough
  • Discomfort during sex
  • Lack of vaginal tightness
  • A feeling of interior or exterior looseness

ThermiVa can restore your feminine well-being!

  • Promotes vaginal tightness
  • Tightens external vaginal tissue
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves vaginal moisture
  • Reverses the physical changes caused by pregnancy
  • No downtime
  • Improvement from the first treatment

Thermiva Non-Surgical Feminine Rejuvenation Now Available In Greenwich, Westport CT

After childbirth, menopause or simply due to aging, vaginal well-being can decrease and lead to lessened pleasure during intimacy for you and your partner. If you’ve begun to experience changes to the look and feel of your vaginal area – inside or out – ThermiVa can provide your solution. This simple, non-invasive treatment uses controlled radiofrequency to heat vaginal tissue, which then naturally produces collagen. The increased collagen leaves you renewed and rejuvenated.

ThermiVa requires no downtime, and offers a safe, effective solution to feminine rejuvenation. It is ideal for women with slight slackness in the vaginal area who would like tightening without surgery. This exciting new treatment is now available at the Greenwich Medical Spa.

To find out more about ThermiVa and how it can help you reclaim your confidence, book your complimentary consultation today!


A new treatment from Thermi, the company providing a variety of aesthetic skin tightening solutions, ThermiVa is a non-surgical, no downtime solution to firm and tighten vaginal tissue. With the power of radiofrequency energy, ThermiVa stimulates the body’s own collagen production to improve laxity, end stress incontinence and even boost sexual pleasure.
ThermiVa gently heats vaginal tissue with radiofrequency (RF) energy with a patented electrode that was designed to treat internal and external vaginal areas. Thanks to the RF heat, the body increases collagen production in the treated areas, leading to stronger collagen bands and tightened skin inside and out. ThermiVa treatments are performed in a series of three spaced about a month apart to achieve maximum results.
ThermiVa treatments are comfortable, and many patients actually report that they feel nice. There is no downtime from ThermiVa, and you may return to regular activity – including sex – the same day.
During a ThermiVa treatment the thin diode wand is placed on the areas to be treated, including inside the vaginal canal. Radiofrequency energy, perceived as alternating warmth, is passed through the wand onto the tissue. The full treatment visit takes just 30 minutes.
ThermiVa treatments are generally performed in a series of three, but you will begin to see immediate changes after the first visit. Upon completion of a series, you may wish to continue treatment to achieve additional results.
The entire ThermiVa treatment series takes about 12 weeks, which is three appointments spaced a month apart. However, many women are thrilled to see results after the first treatment.
To sustain your ThermiVa results, we recommend visiting for one or two maintenance treatments a year.
ThermiVa can help repair damage to vaginal well-being including improving conditions such as vaginal dryness and discomfort; pain during sex; the overall look, feel and tightness of the vaginal area and stress incontinence. If you feel you have lost your feminine self-confidence, ThermiVa could be your solution!
Yes! ThermiVa is safe and effective for all skin types.

*Individual results may vary.

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