It has been our pleasure to serve you in the past and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.

As you may know our cost of goods, payroll and expanses have gone up in the past few years. However, we have not had a price increase on any of our services since our beginning. Allergan, the manufacturer of BOTOX cosmetics, recently significantly increased their prices. We are left with no rational alternative but to slightly increase our prices as well in order to maintain the same efficacy and level of service. Nonetheless, we are confident, that you will find the quality of our service in spite of these new prices to be quiet reasonable and competitive.

Below please see our new prices on BOTOX, effective March 1st.

  • Botox Frown Lines - $329
  • Botox Forehead - $279
  • Botox Crows Feet - $329
  • Botox Lips - $199
  • Botox Bunny Lines $199
  • Botox Chin $199
  • BOTOX 3 areas $849

*As men require more units, please add $100 more.

While we are not happy about this announcement, we are confident you will continue to be pleased with our superior service. We look forward to continued business together.


Marria Pooya
Managing partner

If you are interested in BOTOX and would like to request a complimentary consultation, click or call: 203-637-0662