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Pre & Post Care – Facials and Chemical Peels

Conveniently located to serve Greenwich, Westport, Scarsdale & Ridgefield.

Please observe the following after a Facial or Chemical Peel:

  • Due to multiple variables, you may not peel, although light flaking in localized areas for several days.
  • Your skin may experience residual redness for twenty-four hours.
  • Do not apply makeup the day of treatment.
  • Your skin may feel warm, tight and “pulled” for several days.
  • Do not apply any skin care products containing alpha or beta hydroxyl acids, or other medication since they will irritate your skin. Cleanse the skin with a gentle non-acid cleanser.
  • Do not pick, pull or remove any loose or exfoliating skin. This could result in permanent scarring and hyper pigmentation.
  • No tanning or direct sun exposure for a minimum of 21 days following this procedure. The use of a sunblock a SPF 30 or greater is mandatory while undergoing treatment.
  • Refrain from Laser / IPL, electrolysis, facial waxing or facial depilatories until healing is complete.