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Ridgefield CT Location

Conveniently located to serve Greenwich, Westport, Scarsdale & Ridgefield.

Greenwich Med Spa

Welcome to Greenwich Medical Spa

Ridgefield CT Location

Greenwich Medical Spa is coming to Ridgefield, and we’re thrilled to bring you 15+ years of experience providing our dedicated patients with the most effective medical aesthetic treatments available. We are ready to help you create more confidence and become the best version of yourself. In fact, that is our mission statement, and we live by it every day.

Our spacious, state-of-the-art facility in Ridgefield features services that offer the latest technologies in anti-aging, body sculpting, skin resurfacing, and laser treatments. Greenwich Medical Spa is among the Top 1% of Botox and Juvederm facilities in the US, Top 1% of Coolsculpting facilities, and New Beauty Magazines Top Beauty Doctor 2019.

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Featured Services | Ridgefield

BOTOX | Ridgefield CT

The world’s most popular cosmetic treatment. BOTOX® is known for its ability to relax lines on the forehead and around the eyes, especially those dreaded crow’s feet. We are a top 2% Botox provider in the US, and we’re proud to now provide BOTOX in Ridgefield!

CoolSculpting | Ridgefield CT

The CoolSculpting procedure is a new method of non-surgical body contouring that reduces fat to improve the contour and shape of the body. The CoolSculpting device reduces fat by cooling it. Ideal candidates for the procedure have discrete and localized fat bulges on the abdomen, love handles, and back. We are the #1 provider of Coolsculpting in CT, and now provide Coolsculpting in Ridgefield.

Injectable Fillers | Lip Fillers | Ridgefield CT

An injectable filler is a derma product that adds volume, smoothes wrinkles and rejuvenates skin on the face, with lasting results. Our Expert Injectors will renew the appearance of your face (and hands) with just a few injections, refreshing your beauty with natural-looking results. Interested in a top provider of Injectables and Lip Fillers in Ridgefield?  Please call us for a complimentary consultation. 

Laser Hair Removal | Ridgefield CT

Wouldn’t you like once and for all to do something about your unwanted hair? You will never have to worry about shaving, waxing or skin irritations again. In our medical spa we offer a highly safe and effective treatment to permanently remove unwanted hair. Come see us for the best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Ridgefield .


We’re pleased to serve the community of Ridgefield in a beautiful, relaxing, private environment. Our guests can enjoy a selection of trusted, effective procedures to improve their complexions and tone their bodies. Below is a summary of services provided in our Ridgefield Location:

Treatments for the Face | Ridgefield CT

Are you ready to put your best face forward?  Whether that means reversing years of sun damage, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, or renewing your skin’s elasticity to provide more lift, we offer a variety of non-surgical treatments that deliver effective, natural-looking results. At Greenwich Medical Spa of Ridgefield, we utilize a targeted approach and combine services to create your individualized treatment plan. With dermal fillers and injectables, we tackle lines and wrinkles.

We offer a variety of non-surgical treatments that deliver effective, natural-looking results. We now provide BOTOX in Ridgefield, The Eraser and other non-invasive offerings. From above and below, these treatments restore your glow and allow the younger you inside to re-emerge.

Treatments for the Body | Ridgefield CT

Whether your issues involve a little sag under you arms, a muffin top, stubborn belly fat, unwanted hair, or leg veins that you’d like to make vanish, there’s help just call away.

For most of us, there comes a time when we need a little help staying tight, trim, and looking good in our shorts or bikini. The good news is that there are some very effective procedures that tighten skin, eliminate inches and beautify where necessary. Some of the body procedures we now perform in Ridgefield: Coolsculpting, Laser Hair Removal Ridgefield.

Injectables | Ridgefield CT

Trust the experts at Greenwich Medical Spa of Ridgefield. We provide the latest, most effective injectable solutions to give you smoothness where you need it and fullness where you want it in all of Westchester county.

We relax lines and wrinkles with BOTOX or plump them with dermal fillers. These products can also diminish dark circles under your eyes and add volume to your lips or structure your jaw. We also reduce submental fat below the chin with KYBELLA. Our Expert Injectors will renew the appearance of your face (and hands) with just a few injections, refreshing your beauty with natural-looking results. We are a top 2% provider of BOTOX nationwide, and are now pleased to provide  BOTOX in Ridgefield.

Skin Tightening | Ridgefield CT

It would be nice if you could slide out of your old skin and start over with fresh, new derma. No sags. No bags. Tight and smooth, like the skin you were born with.

Actually, you can. Not shed your skin, but grow healthy new skin that’s bright, and young looking. Without incisions, injections, or significant downtime. And of course without snake oil.. If it all sounds too good to be true, click on the links below to learn how we do it. We now provide Ultherapy and other non-invasive procedures.

Vaginal Rejuvenation | Ridgefield CT

Has age or childbirth affected your feminine well-being? Skin tightening is not only a solution for the face and neck! For women who have begun to experience interior or exterior vaginal looseness or a lack of plumpness to the outer vaginal lips, non-surgical treatments can rejuvenate even this delicate area.

Decreases in estrogen from menopause, childbirth, and simply aging can lead to changes in the firmness of any part of the body. To restore vaginal tightness and volume, we offer ThermiVa and the V-Lift. These treatments will not only improve the appearance of your most feminine area, they can also spice up your love life thanks to increased confidence, improved vaginal moisture, and improved blood circulation. Learn more about Vaginal rejuvenation Ridgefield.

Skin Treatments | Ridgefield CT

At Greenwich Medical Spa of Ridgefield, we offer effective solutions to skin surface woes, many of which are caused by old, dry skin cells lingering past their prime.

If you’ve started to notice uneven tone and texture, fine lines have begun to creep in, or you are experiencing the least fair skin issue of them all – adult acne, our spa services will restore balance and smoothness to your skin’s surface. Our non-invasive skincare services slough off the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh, beautiful skin below, reducing or eliminating blemishes, discoloration, and acne. These beneficial spa treatments also work to prolong the effects of medical aesthetic services.

Non-Surgical Hair Loss | Ridgefield CT

Have you noticed more hair on your comb and less on your crown? Once a non-reversible trend without surgery, today, thinning hair and hair loss can be improved with the combination of a no-downtime, in-spa treatment and homecare regimen. At Greenwich Medical Spa of Ridgefield, we offer our exclusive treatment The Activator which pairs the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma and micro-needling to effectively regrow hair. By adding our homecare solution Re:Activate you can stimulate new hair growth and enjoy thicker, denser hair at the hairline, crown, or wherever you need it most.