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Vivace Plus

Conveniently located to serve Greenwich, Westport, Ridgefield, Scarsdale, Glastonbury & West Hartford areas.

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All-in-one Skin Rejuvenation with Vivace RF Microneedling, LED Light Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma

Why Vivace Plus at Greenwich Medical Spa Offers the Best Complete Anti-Aging Solution:

  • Vivace Plus combines the latest, most powerful treatments to target multiple causes of aging.
  • Greenwich Medical Spa has more than 14 years of experience providing safe, effective skin resurfacing treatments.
  • We have been recognized with awards by industry leaders like Juvéderm, BOTOX, New Beauty magazine, Ultherapy, CoolSculpting and more.

Greenwich Medical Spa - Locations Greenwich CT, Westport CT, Scarsdale NYToday, there are many technologically advanced treatments to help turn back the clock without surgery. But if you want to truly defy aging, combining treatments offers the best results. That’s because age doesn’t just show up in one way. You might have wrinkles or crepiness, old acne scars or perhaps you agonize over a gray tone and sagging skin. Rather than trying to tackle one issue at a time, isn’t an all-over skin rejuvenation solution what you’ve been hoping for?

About Vivace Plus

With the new Vivace Plus, your answer is here. This multi-faceted treatment improves fine lines and wrinkles, tightens skin, minimizes pore size, heals acne scars, improves skin tone and texture, stimulates collagen and elastin, and creates a healthy glow. The extensive improvement to skin’s appearance is made possible through Vivace’s concurrent combination of microneedling and radiofrequency and the “Plus” of adding LED light therapy and and injections of our proprietary serum. The combination of treatments in Vivace Plus is truly more than the sum of its parts because microneedling allows these modalities to reach deeper beneath the skin’s surface to effect real change.
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Vivace Plus is an all-in-one solution that will significantly improve the many signs of aging without surgery or downtime. This all-natural treatment performs by turning on your body’s healing and collagen-producing abilities. You will enjoy skin that is firmer, smoother, and literally glows from the inside. There is no better place to receive Vivace treatment in Connecticut.


This is a beautiful Med spa with a luxurious but comfortable feel. Amber is amazing!! She is by far the best! She’s not only bubbly, beautiful and sweet but is also very smart and an amazing injector of Botox and Juvederm. I couldn’t ask for more❤️
Valerie Barrett

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vivace Plus?

Vivace Plus is a complete anti-aging solution that combines microneedling, radio frequency (RF), LED light therapy and injections of our proprietary serum.

How does Vivace Plus work?

Vivace Plus works by combining microneedling, radio frequency (RF), LED light therapy and injections of our proprietary serum. Each of these modalities alone offers significant benefits for the condition of skin. During a Vivace Plus treatment, microneedling utilizes fine needles to puncture the skin, opening micro-portals and causing your body’s healing mechanisms to kick in, which includes putting collagen and elastin production into high gear. As the skin’s portals are opened, RF energy goes deep below the surface where this heat stimulates collagen production – just what is needed for achieving tighter skin. Next, the injections of our proprietary serum from your own blood is injected into your skin, which is still primed from the microneedling, while blue or red LED lights – depending on your needs – stimulate healing and boost collagen production.

How long does a Vivace Plus treatment take?

By performing all of the beneficial aspects of Vivace Plus together, we are able to minimize treatment time while maximizing results. Including time for applying numbing cream and performing all steps of the treatment, a Vivace Plus appointment lasts an hour at most.

What areas can I treat with Vivace Plus?

Any area of the face or body can be treated with Vivace Plus. We perform this amazing treatment most on the face, neck and décolletage. But it offers a solution to tighten and tone skin on the hands, arms, legs, back and more, too!

When will I see results from Vivace Plus?

Immediately following treatment, you will begin to see results like more glowing skin and a revived firmness. Over time, additional improvement will be visible as lines, wrinkles and pore size decrease. As your skin continues to produce more collagen and elastin, these results will improve for about six months.

How many Vivace Plus treatments will I need?

We recommend a series of three Vivace Plus treatments spaced a month apart to achieve dramatic results. Additional treatments are safe and may be recommended depending on the condition of your skin and results desired.

How long will my Vivace Plus results last?

Vivace Plus works to stimulate your own collagen and elastin production. Results will not fade in the way that those from injectables and other anti-aging treatments will. However, you will continue the natural aging process, so a touch-up treatment for maintenance is recommended every 6 months to a year.

Does Vivace Plus hurt?

Before treatment, we will apply a topical numbing cream, and most patients report little to no discomfort when having Vivace Plus performed other than pressure and warmth.

Is there any downtime following a Vivace Plus treatment?

Even though this treatment provides significant results, it requires little to no downtime. The LED light therapy actually promotes healing! You may have a slight sunburn-like look for a couple of days, and we will provide you with a post-treatment serum to use. You can wear makeup the day following treatment. You won’t even be extra sensitive to sun exposure like with laser skin resurfacing treatments, although we always recommend wearing sunscreen on even the cloudiest days.

Is Vivace Plus safe for everyone?

Vivace Plus skin rejuvenation is safe for all skin types and tones. That’s because each part of Vivace Plus utilizes your body’s own healing and cell-building mechanisms to improve your skin.

Where can I get Vivace RF Microneedling near me?

Because we combine Vivace RF Microneedling with LED light therapy and our injections of our proprietary serum, in our Vivace Plus treatment, there is no better place to have Vivace treatment in Greenwich, Vivace treatment in Westport, or Vivace treatment in Scarsdale, NY than with Greenwich Medical Spa.

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